Normal Service to be Resumed

Hey, look, I’m sorry about the state of this blog today–not one commentary on a single current event.

Well, I had to unwind after all that time spent fuming at the doctor’s office. Finally I calmed down enough to go outside with a cigar and work on my new book for a bit. I’ve finished the first chapter. With all the rain we’ve been having around here, it wasn’t easy.

Tomorrow I will return to my station on the walls, and my barrel of boiling pitch to tip over on the Babylonians. Maybe I ought to say my thimbleful of boiling pitch. But we work with what God gives us, and victory is for Him to give and for us to sacrifice for.

Good think I didn’t pop my cork today.

2 comments on “Normal Service to be Resumed

  1. Not to worry, Lee. Not only do we, your loyal readers, understand, we don’t mind a break from the insanity either. And we surely want you to take care of yourself! Your blog was just fine.

  2. Yes, indeed, Linda and I agree on this. I have been busy, hurried, harried, and discombobulated today myself- very little computer time. My car broke so my younger son drove over 400 miles to bring me his second car until mine can be fixed (hopefully) and his daughter came along to see me, and pick up the birthday present I had for her,….. and on it goes…meals,
    visits, and oh, a lot of stuff.
    Be well,

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