Sing It Again: ‘Rock of Ages’

Just to restate our priorities; to remind ourselves why we’re here, and where we’re going; to proclaim what is most important, by far, than any other thing we do–

Rock of Ages: blessed be the Lord our rock, the Lord our strength, the Lord our shield and our deliverer. Who sets up kings and sets them down; who kills and makes alive–the Lord our God is His name.

And all that other stuff out there, all those wicked who walk and talk and revel in their power, and all their wicked works–it’s the chaff which God’s wind driveth away. Wake up one morning, and they’ll be gone.

I hope you don’t mind this guitar rendition by Jason Waller. I find it speaks to me.

2 comments on “Sing It Again: ‘Rock of Ages’

  1. Thank you, Lee. I dearly love this old hymn. And as for the guitar – very nice. Goes perfectly with my cup of chamomile tea.

  2. Lovely blessing. It matters not to me what instrument is used to praise the Lord. The guitar was very nice, and the voice was good; most of all, the song was wonderful.

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