Be Still…

Getting smacked with bad news from the moment I got out of bed this morning–well, it does bad things to my blood pressure. This country is a train wreck happening. I can’t calm down.

The sun is out, for the first time in a week and a half. I think I ought to take a walk, and pray. Too slippery for the bike. Be still, and know that I am God. Time to heed the Scriptures.

My sister called to wish me a happy birthday (it’s tomorrow), and I wound up arguing with her about whether or not the Rapture is really in the Bible. I didn’t mean to argue and it was all my fault.

Maybe if I ask Him nicely, the Lord will straighten me out.

3 comments on “Be Still…

  1. Sorry, Lee. God will remove that negative spirit from you. As for your sister, pray for her and maybe send her the stuff I sent you.

  2. Hope your bad day improves–a good dose of prayer usually helps. Enjoy your birthday tomorrow. 🙂 Forget the news and go do something relaxing to lower your blood pressure.

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