Sanity Break: Ollie the Kitten

My wife is in love with this noisy little character, so here he is: Ollie the talkative Siamese kitten. By now he has grown up to be a talkative cat.

Shouldn’t let him bite, though. It reminds me of how I used to think it was so cute to get down on all fours and encourage Buster the kitten to ride on my back. He really took to it, and when he was a full-grown very big cat, he’d hop on anybody’s back. That did not always go over very well.

5 comments on “Sanity Break: Ollie the Kitten

  1. I love talkative cats, and have had quite a few 🙂 A couple of them actually sounded like they were saying ‘mama’

  2. Yes, I had a siamese who came in the house after being attacked by the neighbor’s dog, he jumped in my lap and cried Mama, mama several times.

  3. We also have a noisy Siamese – she doesn’t make a sound when I come in from work – and then cries pitifully as Jeff walks in the door, making out I’ve starved and beaten her 😄😄

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