No News Today!!

Today’s my birthday and my wife and my sister have entreated me to lay off the freakin’ news, already–and y’know what? I think I will! Just for today.

So today on this blog there will be hymns, fun videos, and, if I think of anything, humorous or interesting stuff to read.

But no news! Not unless it’s something really good, like a choir of angels appearing in the heavens to tell us God the Father has placed the whole world under new management–that of God the Son, Jesus Christ the King. Our leaders and their experts would deny it ever happened, but their time would be up. Adios, muchachos!

Now, if you want to do something to celebrate with me, here’s what would really float my boat–buy one of my books. Or, just as good, get someone else to buy one. Don’t be afraid to use threats or trickery. I know, this is a rather tacky paragraph. But again, I’m the only advertising I’ve got.

For once the sun is shining in the morning, and I think I want a bike ride. So I’ll be back later–

And don’t forget, anybody and everybody, I take hymn requests day and night, every day, rain or shine, etc.

5 comments on “No News Today!!

  1. Happy Birthday, Lee! God bless you on this and every day. May it be filled with joy and celebration – and low blood pressure!

  2. A VERY HAPPY ‘NO NEWS DAY’ and BIRTHDAY TO YOU! May something marvelous occur in your life today and every day through the coming year! We all enjoy your posts, whatever you find to post.

  3. Happy birthday, Lee! I hope your bike ride went well and that you have a delicious cake (or pie).

    How about Nearer My God to Thee for my hymn request.

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