A Clumsy Attempt to Explain Away the Jackalope

Don’t you love it? They show you all these pictures of the jackalope, and then they say there’s no such thing!

Everybody knows there’s a conspiracy to cover up the existence of the jackalope.

Next thing you know, they’ll be telling us there are no centaurs, either.

When everybody knows that centaurism is caused by Global Warming.

11 comments on “A Clumsy Attempt to Explain Away the Jackalope

  1. Since we live near a nature preserve, we have many bunnies that traverse our yard. Thusfar, I have not seen the elusive jackalope, but I’ll keep watching. The minute I see one, I’ll be sure to let everyone know. And since man has produced climate change, my chances must be improving!

    1. Well, I’m glad that’s explained! I suppose it will be epidemic now – very unpleasant thought.

  2. Speaking of myths, my dad swears he saw Santa riding his reindeer as a kid. Who am I to disagree? 🙂

  3. Bunk. They have been foisting this bogus “platypus” thing on us for years. No such thing.

    1. I hope you didn’t mind me having a little fun at your expense. You made a very interesting video–I’d never heard of the fungal infection that gives rabbits “horns”–and it got a lot of readership here on my blog.

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