There’s Only Stupid Stuff Left to Protest

The photo that goes with this news story is too disgusting to display on this page. You can see it if you click the link.

Is there anything real, anything that matters, left to protest?

Apparently not.

Recently in Barcelona–that’s in Spain, for those who have received a public school education: always assuming they know where Spain is–vegans stripped naked and lathered themselves with blood to “protest” other people’s choice to eat meat ( ). What a gaudy festival of idiocy.

They were all het up because the city government hadn’t done enough to promote the exclusion of meat from the human diet. They presented themselves as striking a blow for Animal Rights.

Normal people–not yet on the Endangered Species list, but getting there–have a natural fondness for animals, are more than capable of loving them, and are not inclined to be cruel to them. It’s part of Biblical morality: “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast; but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel,” says Proverbs 12:10.

Boy, the Bible hit that nail on the head!

5 comments on “There’s Only Stupid Stuff Left to Protest

  1. Is it any wonder the Western world is in decline. I’m willing to bet those same people are pro-abortion.

  2. So whose blood did they put all over themselves? Or was it fake blood because they were too weak-stomached to do the real thing?

    1. The story says it was fake blood. Either way, they’re fortunate no bears or mountain lions – they may have looked like tasty morsels!

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