Can I Get 5,000 Hits This Month?

Why does Hall of Famer Sam Rice look so nettled in this picture?

Probably because he finished his career with 2,987 hits, only to find out later that getting 3,000 hits turned out to be a really, really big deal and he missed it by just thirteen. He probably could’ve gotten them, somehow, if he’d known what a big fuss they were gonna make over 3,000 hits.

This humble blog today finds itself in much the same position. No, not right field–I mean the position of coming oh, so close! to what once seemed an unattainable goal of 5,000 views in a month. The good news is, I have three days left to go. The bad news is, it’s a holiday weekend and people might not have time to stop by here.

Well, Sam, if I come up just short, like you did, I’ll sit down beside you on the curb and we can tell sad stories of the death of kings. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounded really cool when Shakespeare said it.


6 comments on “Can I Get 5,000 Hits This Month?

  1. Not to worry, Lee. I know from nothing about baseball, but I do enjoy your posts, and try to be here to comment on each one. Don’t always make it, because this old computer doesn’t allow me to even open some. drat.

  2. We, your loyal readers, will do our best, Lee. I have to chuckle reading Erlene’s comment. My computer gives me fits too, and usually I feel like I have too much to say since I have something to say on just about every post LOL!

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