Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights

I hate to say anyone is not a Christian, when that person insists he is a Christian. On the other hand, I’m sure I know a braying jackass dundcrhead when I see one. And if there is a bigger braying jackass on the planet than Our Beloved President, I can’t imagine who it is.

Is this guy a Christian? Not for me to judge.

Now Our Beloved President has ordered every school in America to allow anyone to use every bathroom in the building, based on that person’s “gender choice”–because, you see, the jackass’s theology is not “Male and female created He them,” but rather “Male, female, whatever–we just create ourselves.”

He says this is for the benefit of some un-numbered host of “transgender kids,” and is based on–I quote–“My reading of Scripture [and] my Christian belief” ( http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/06/02/obama-cites-scripture-defend-school-bathroom-rule/ ). This man’s “Christian belief,” throughout his public career, has allowed him to support, promote, and defend, with unbridled enthusiasm, abortion, homosexual pseudo-marriage, and the sale of “harvested” baby parts.

It’s no kind of Christian belief that I would recognize.

Given the fact that this jackass occupies the highest office in the land, can there be any doubt that God is angry with America?

16 comments on “Obama: God Supports Transgender Rights

  1. Whether one is a Christian or not? The Lord told us to judge right. We are to judge people by their fruit according to Scripture, and we are told to have no fellowship with unbelievers- not even to eat with them. Unless one is mature in the Spirit, judging is maybe not a good idea, but if we are thoroughly eqipped with the Word and with power of the Holy Spirit, certainly we are capable of judging a lot of things. In the Big O, I see no glimpse of the fruit of the Spirit of God. Only pride, no humility, another fruit of the Spirit.

  2. Judging by the things Obama has said and done, he is no Christian.
    You will know them by their fruits.

  3. As a true biblical follower of Jesus Christ, i WILL judge him by his fruits. He serves moloch – period.

  4. These people assume whatever mantle will serve their purposes for the moment. Were is politically advantageous for him to be Irish, he would have made the claim that he was.

    1. I can barely keep track now. A Kenyan, Muslim, Hawaiian, Chicagoan, Columbia/Harvard-ian, activist, fake president – and on and on it goes. I suppose one more wouldn’t make a difference lol

    2. Oh, crikey, I just looked it up! That was that business with Rev. Shill-lady and his little book of plagiarisms, that had to be pulled from the market. And that was the end of that project.

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