I Been Discrimbinated Aginst!

Yiu wont beleave what hapened to mee yestedday! Even hear at Collidge, even tho i are a Interllectural, wuld yuo beleave it i cam “up” aginsgt Discrimbination!!!

Al i done was say Helo to this hot Blond she have grate “boobes” and than the “wind” it blowed my hatt offf and she seen my Moth Antenners growin oute of my four head and she “said Ewwwww! and” shooved me and she runned away!

Wel wee cant have no Biggits lyke that hear at Collidge so i caled The Bias Responts Teem and thay swang into Actoin! Exccept First “thay thinked” mabbe their wasnt no rule aginst Discrimbinatin somone becose he got Moth Antenners but i sayed “the” reesin i got these Is i am in exspearmint thay shoot me ful of them Moth Hormoans to try to mak me get Femail cromosoams so I can bee a Wimmin! Thay was hapy then becose thay can bust that Blond for she have Trans Phobbia, i was hopin thay wuld mak her cary my Books but insted thay just Put “her into” Sensertivitty Training untill Her mind is rihgjt!

This hear is wyh we shuld ouihgt to have Bias Responts Teems all over Evrywear so thay can bust annyboddy who Do a Microgresion or any kine of Biggitry, And wen Hillery she is Pressdint yiu wate and seee she Wil set up Camps for everone who dose any tipe of Discrimbination and dont holed yuor breth wating for anny of those Opressers to ever come Out “of” them camps Neither!!!

3 comments on “I Been Discrimbinated Aginst!

  1. Poor Joe. You’ve probably ruined your lunch using your handkerchief to wipe your tears. Better be careful, though. That blond might report you for looking at certain parts of her anatomy instead of the whole person that she is!

  2. Hey Joe, what would you have done if she had had moth anntenners? Would you have shrieked and run, or would microagressions have run through your mind?

  3. Collidge edumacashuns bee makin’ a persons all smart n stuff. The diversity of thought practiced at the Marxist Indoctrination Centers known as college prepare good comrades for the rainbow collective. Hivemind groupthink is the only way forward.
    Non conformist free thinking scum and those mouth breathing redneck republicans from flyover country are not welcome at the ivory towers of academia.
    We’ll point the finger at Trump while we build a great wall around our safe spaces to keep out any dissent or differing opinion.
    Now back to the faculty lounge where we are having bong hits and burning American flags.

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