Iguana Has Breakfast… with Cat?

Sorry, I couldn’t resist posting this. The iguana in this video looks so much like my iguana did when he was young. You can tell this is a young iguana by his build, by the still barely visible baby-stripes on his dewlap, and by the fact that none of the soft spines on his back have been worn off yet.

You can also tell that this is a good iguana who’s been raised right. He has learned not to be afraid of the cat; in fact, they’re probably friends. The cat has been taught good manners, too. You can see he’s just dying to play with that long, green tail–but he restrains himself.

My mother, my wife, and my neighbor all got into preparing very nice salads for my iguana. It’s very gratifying to feed someone who’s always glad to get it. Nor will I ever forget my mother going around the multiflorabunda rose hedge with a jar to catch bugs for my small lizards. Ma, those were good days!

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  1. Thanks, Lee. These two seem quite comfortable with each other. Very sweet. A friend had an iguana and a cat who were great friends. They hung out together and the cat would clean the iguana’s mouth. It’s wonderful to see such opposites get along in this world.

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