Reader Prayer Request

From Terry: “Wish I could have someone to help me…”

Terry, we’re not sure what it is that you need help with, but God already knows, and there are people here to pray for you, that you will get it. Amen.

5 comments on “Reader Prayer Request

  1. Terry, Lee is right. God does already know what you need and wants to bless His children. We seem to have become a wonderful little group of prayer warriors here and will surely add you to our prayers. God is faithful!

  2. I never pray for myself but do hope someone is praying for me.
    A darkened room with all gadgets turned off is my prayer area.
    I pray for our nation often and ask God to help humanity kick the globalist traitors to the curb. Imagine my surprise at Brexit. I thought the satanic cabal of one worlders would stop at nothing to keep it from happening.
    Once on a long road trip I was worried about something uncontrollable happening such as an illness or a flat tire on the highway and God revealed his presence everywhere and it was the most wonderful trip ever out to Shangri-La aka the Mountain West.

    1. Thorsten, we have all got to pray for one another.
      I trust we’ve all had the experience of God answering our prayers–sometimes in ways we never expected. Sometimes in ways that turned out to be much, much better than what we thought we wanted.
      Wish I had known this when I was in my twenties.

  3. Terry, whatever it is that you need help with, I pray the Lord will send exactly whatever, or whoever will meet the need. He is more than willing, more than able to meet our every need. He cares, and He has set up this prayer group to be a help and encouragement for all.
    I am adding you to my prayer journal and will go to prayer just now.

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