Sanity Break: Sweet Ducklings

See these babies following a dog, a cat, or human being? They have a very strong instinct to bond to whoever or whatever they learn to regard as their mother.

I once met a man who had raised two Canada geese from chicks. They were by then full-grown, and they still followed him everywhere he went. Didn’t fly south for the winter, either–not if it meant leaving Daddy!

Do you ever wonder, sometimes, what our pets see in us? If we could only live up to it! But we can try…

4 comments on “Sanity Break: Sweet Ducklings

  1. They’re so cute! The ending was incredible – hundreds of them heading to the water!

    My geese (the white ones with the blue eyes) – George and Gracie – used to follow each other and me all over the yard. George was very protective of me and would hiss and bite anyone who got too close to me 🙂 He could actually leave a bruise! They hatched little ones a few times. Goose eggs are huge!

  2. That’s funny. It reminded me that in the first year of my marriage, my husband brought home two Canadian geese (babies) and they did follow us around, they followed the dog, and they tried to keep everyone out of the yard except those “who belonged there”. He finally took them out to the country and released them as they were become too much of a nuisance in town.

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