A Most Unusual Pet

Go ahead, tell me you know somebody else who has a pet penguin. I dare you. And a penguin who does some of your shopping for you, no less.

This kind of penguin is native to Antarctica, but he seems very much at home in Japan, which I have heard is somewhat warmer.

4 comments on “A Most Unusual Pet

  1. Wow, that really is unusual. I would never have dreamed a pet like this would be possible.

  2. You’ve certainly outdone yourself tonight, Lee. This is really cute – and very unusual. There was a video awhile back – might have been Venezuela – similar circumstance: the man rescued the penguin who now comes to visit him for several months every year.

    1. Actually, I saw this video years ago and just happened to remember it–and was lucky enough to find it on youtube.
      Somebody at the Boston Aquarium once told me penguins were evil-tempered little creatures: but who can believe anything coming out of there?

    2. Possibly the best things to come out of Boston were a huge tea party and some beans. Although I do have a dear friend who lives in Framingham. Penguins don’t seem ill-tempered, and they’re awfully cute, too. There was a book of curiosities a number of years ago, and the title was ‘Do Penguins Have Knees?’ Turns out, they do.

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