Prayer Request: Erlene

Erlene has two friends who need our prayers: Marvin, who was badly injured recently in a fall, and Jerry, a military veteran who is ill in body and in spirit.

Father in Heaven, please bless these two men, for Jesus’ sake, and give them deliverance out of their troubles. In Jesus’ name, amen. And please let them know that help is on the way.

3 comments on “Prayer Request: Erlene

  1. Thank you very much. I believe letting each of them know others who are believers, care about them, will make an impact in their view of God’s people, and will give them hope.

  2. Your friends are now included in my prayers, Erlene. May Jesus touch them both in the ways they need.

    A young lady I know who has been subjected to the public school system wants to believe, but is having trouble because of the things the world teaches. Please keep her in your prayers, everyone, that she should overcome the world’s teachings and accept and cling to Jesus and His promises.

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