Prayer Request: Linda

One of Linda’s friends is bogged down, spiritually, and confused by what she has been taught in our public education system, and by our popular culture as a whole. There must be millions like her.

Father, please open this young woman’s eyes and give her understanding. It’s very hard to find one’s way sometimes, in this evil and confusing age. In Jesus’ name, amen.

2 comments on “Prayer Request: Linda

  1. Amen. Father, only in Your word is there real truth to trust in. Please create a hunger for the Scripture and thereby provide illumination and hope. If we rely only on Your Word, we will never go wrong.
    This reminds me of another great song by Carroll Roberson titled “Just Go By”

  2. Thank you, Lee – and everyone. This situation and her struggle has been on my heart for some time. At the feet of Jesus are all answers.

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