Prayer Request: Allison

Father in Heaven, at our sister Allison’s request, please bless those of her friends and family “who have not yet chosen to hear the voice of truth” and know that it’s your voice.

Lord, we all have people who we care about, who have not accepted Jesus Christ–who may indeed have angrily rejected Him. All we can do is pray that you will open their eyes and open their hearts.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

6 comments on “Prayer Request: Allison

  1. The AKJV is the only bible for english speaking people and if you use any other bible you pervert the Word of God. With that said, devils all over are planning for a one race of people by mixing the races, they are planning sharia law for legal and mass culling, and they don’t care if it bites the hand that feeds them. We are witnessing all the satanic events that must take place for the LAST DAYS to come about. Evil has a head wind and evil people are given the green light to imagine every wicked way possible to help destroy this nation. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit is deeply ASHAMED of America and the whole world and HE will bring fierce judgement upon the face of the earth and inevitably wipe out ALL evil. MANY will go to hell, FEW will FIND Jesus.

    1. No one can deny that America is mired deep in sin, and dangerously so; but to write off all your Christian brothers and sisters who read a Bible other than the one you read, that’s not good.

  2. Amen to your prayer, Lee, and may the Holy Spirit Himself hover over and around all who have not yet entered the Kingdom of God. May He shine the light of truth into every dark place and open eyes of the blind and ears of the deaf to all truth.

  3. Yes, Lee, most likely we all have someone in our family or among our friends who have turned away from God and keep holding Him at arm’s length. My daughter is one of them. When I pray for her, I remember that nothing is impossible to God and I trust Him to bring her around to Himself at just the right time when she is ready for Him. After all, He did that for me and I’ve been His for over forty years now. BTW: I read the KJV, NKJV, NASB. My favorites.

    1. Marge, would you like me to post a prayer request for you? That way, more people will see it and be able to join in.

    2. Yes, my daughter’s name is Esther. She’s doing well with her career and all that but God is not in the picture. I want to see the day when she and I can together have fellowship with our Lord and Saviour.

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