Clinton Skates–On Thin Ice

Here is video of some of the questions put to FBI Director James Comey, testifying before Congress. I hope the link to this video works, so you can hear his answers for yourselves.

Again and again, Trey Gowdy cites statements made by Hillary Clinton about her handling of classified emails as secretary of state–actions which, after being investigated for thousands of hours by hundreds of FBI agents, Comey decided did not constitute intentional law-breaking, but were merely “extremely careless.” As in, “Oh, bother! Where are those nuclear launch codes? I thought I had ’em right here on my Facebook page, but now it looks like ISIS has ’em, too. Oh, well–guess I was just careless again.”

Again and again, Gowdy asks, “Was this true?” And again and again, Comey is forced to answer, “No.”

Hey, it’d be funny if this crooked and corrupt–and “careless”–woman weren’t a candidate for president.

But the thought of her as commander-in-chief is anything but funny.

4 comments on “Clinton Skates–On Thin Ice

  1. Boy, you can say that again. to think of her (and those she keeps around her) with any authority in this country is downright horrifying. We have had quite enough of that couple and their shenanigans.

  2. Mr. Comey also said Hil-liary was ‘not sophisticated enough’ to know what is classified and what isn’t. Really? Not Sophisticated Enough? So this unsophisticated criminal who can’t tell the difference between classified and unclassified information wants to be President? Hmmm.

  3. And if anyone thinks this nation hasn’t sunk low enough yet:

    Here is the Header and the Editor’s Note:

    The just-released children’s book ‘It’s Ramadan, Curious George’ celebrates the Muslim holiday, teaching kids about the sacred month.

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Hitler knew that if you wanted to completely change how a nation viewed something, you had to start with the children. He became chancellor in 1933, but started his Nazi youth programs way back in 1923. How do you get America to accept Sharia Law? Writing children’s books that glowingly speak of Islam in a positive light is a great place to start.

    We must all be on our knees!

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