By Request, ‘Sitting at the Feet of Jesus’

I can’t remember who requested this, but whoever it was, thank you–Sitting at the Feet of Jesus, by the Gaither Vocal Band.

Listen to the lyrics: they’re Biblical. “He is all my righteousness.” This is the foundation of our hope, our assurance of salvation.

‘Cause if we had to generate our own righteousness, we’d none of us make it.

4 comments on “By Request, ‘Sitting at the Feet of Jesus’

  1. Hi Lee,

    The hymns you send are such a blessing. I tend to get all wrapped up in my ToDo Lists, and my work on the computer, then I check my emails, and find from you a blessed break that restores my peace.

    Thank you, Evelyn

  2. Yes, thank you. This is one of my favorites. This is my prayer daily; “make me holy as He is”… I love this song so much.

  3. Beautiful! Thank you, Lee – and I believe Erlene requested this, so thank you, too.

    Lots of ‘puter problems today. It appears to be on its way out.

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