Prayer Request: Jackie

Our sister Erlene has a friend, Jackie, whose little dog has had surgery on both hind legs and needs a lot of serious therapy. I am afraid some won’t understand praying for a dog, or even for the owner of a dog. But many of us do understand.

O Father in heaven, have compassion on your child, Jackie, and bless her by healing the pet that she loves. It’s one of those things that we ourselves never, never would have thought of, had we made the heavens and the earth: providing for love between a human and an animal. But you did think of it, Lord, and made it a great gift to us. So please, Father, grant our prayer for Erlene’s friend Jackie and her little dog. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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    1. Laura, it’s Erlene’s friend Jackie who is the subject of this prayer request–not that an extra prayer will hurt anyone.

  1. Thank you all who are praying. I know God hears prayers for animals because twice, I have prayed for an animal and saw an almost instant answer. Not a sparrow falls without His notice. Jackie will be most grateful for your prayers also.

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