Some Cat Stuff (Why Not?)

Note the cat unable to navigate the glass roof of the greenhouse. Here geckos have an advantage.

Note also the cat who won’t let you touch his belly. I’ve never had that with any of my cats: they’ve all loved to have their bellies rubbed and petted.

Don’t touch the tip of Robbie’s right hind foot, though. It’s unbearably ticklish.

6 comments on “Some Cat Stuff (Why Not?)

  1. Cats make a lot more sense than most people today. Cats usually just run and hide when things don’t go their way.

  2. A prayer request if I may. A good friend who lives in Kansas City has a little dog that is the treasure of her life, and it has developed some kind of crippling disease or condition requiring surgery on both back legs. After she brings the dog home, it will require intensive care and therapy by her for eight weeks. She will need all the prayer she can get through this ordeal. Her name is Jackie, and she is such a precious child of God.

  3. Absolutely, Erlene. God cares for His creation, and He gave us animals as companions. Your friend and her precious companion will be in my prayers.

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