Video Treat: Kitty Gourmet

So who says it has to be cat food all the time? Watch this little guy chow down on corn on the cob, and note the bib which some human being has thoughtfully provided. I’m jealous! Gotta have some of that corn on the cob this weekend, “before you dot another ‘i’, Bob Cratchit!”

(Thanks to our friend Carol for sending this to us.)

One comment on “Video Treat: Kitty Gourmet”

  1. I sure can relate to this – one of my cats absolutely loved corn! Whenever I was fixing corn, he would go through all sorts of craziness just to get my attention so that I’d give him some 🙂 Another of my little kitties loved scrambled eggs, and yet another loved cheese. One loved peanut butter and that was funny to watch!

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