Wacko Mayor Pushes for Meatless City

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Crazy Caligula, the role model for “progressive” politics

The thing about modern government is, they just won’t leave you alone. They’re worse than mosquitoes.

The city of Turin in northern Italy, famous for its northern Italian cuisine, has a new mayor who wishes to convert the whole city to a vegetarian diet–even a “vegan” diet, if possible, in which no dairy products are permitted ( http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/turin-vegetarian-chiara-appendino-city-vegan-mayor-italy-five-star-movement-a7149291.html ). This kook has a 62-page “manifesto”–why does every pinhead have to have a manifesto? Hint: If any public figure comes out with a manifesto, avoid him like the plague.

Anyway, this nut who wants to control everybody else’s eating habits–and incidentally starve their brains of needed protein–is a big deal in Italy’s “Five Star Movement,” a growing political party centered around vegetarianism. How’s that for fringie? And yet the deluded people of Turin elected her. Well, what do you expect from a city that has a reputation as the unofficial capital of Satanism?

The manifesto does not mention how the new mayor proposes to change the whole city’s diet. There are rumblings about “encouraging” vegetarianism and introducing vegetarian “education initiatives” in the public schools. Given enough time, I’m sure they’ll get around to trying to make it compulsory.

Libs ‘n’ progs want to control every aspect of your life. They will not leave us alone. The only freedom they have never sought to take away from us is the “freedom” to fornicate–and that’s because it serves to estrange us from our God. Libs ‘n’ progs want to take God’s place as Lord of all creation.

May the living God bring them to a swift and sudden end.

7 comments on “Wacko Mayor Pushes for Meatless City

  1. I’m sorry I like hamburgers and scrambled eggs and chocolate milk … maybe I should just go chew on some hay like a horse.

  2. If I couldn’t eat cheese and eggs, I wouldn’t be happy about it. Meat isn’t a favorite, but I do enjoy chicken and fish. These people are out of control! They won’t be happy until they dictate every aspect of our lives – right down to when and how to use the bathroom and how much paper to use.

    1. Sheryl Crowe has already recommended that we be limited to one piece of toilet paper per visit to the john. It will stop Climate Change, she babbled

    2. I do recall that but I couldn’t remember who said it. What a dolt! Why doesn’t she just use leaves?

  3. It seems only crazy people run for Mayor — look at Bloomie and DeBlasio, who want to tell their serfs how and what to eat and drink, while Moochy tries to starve our kids, and big gubmint dictates what kind of light bulbs we can use (I stocked up on incandescents). Now, jihadi Barry is pushing for “halal” meats in our schools and markets, prepared by Mooslimes who, it is reported, are more thrifty than Cheryl Crowe and wipe with their bare fingers. Okay, enough gross-out for the day. I just listened to part of Hitlery’s speech; then her unindicted criminal yes-man Kaine, who spoke Spanish to their illegal alien audience of captive voters. Ugh!

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