How to Deter Careless Drivers

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Do you have these signs in your town? Drive Like Your Kids Live Here–we’ve got them all over the place.

In spite of them, there are still plenty of kamikazes on the road, even on the back streets where I ride my bike. And here on my street, the cars whiz by like they were shot out of cannons. So I wouldn’t say these signs are having the desired effect.

But not to worry–I’ve thought up a new sign that’s just bound to work.

Drive Like A Short-Tempered Man With A Gun Lives Here.

All they gotta do is print ’em up!

2 comments on “How to Deter Careless Drivers

  1. Many people don’t bother to obey traffic signs, so it’s no surprise that they would ignore warning signs. My husband always laughs at the bumper sticker that says ‘drive carefully. baby on board’. He has often wondered aloud if that means one may drive like a maniac if there is no baby on board.

    But I do like your suggestion for a warning sign 🙂

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