Another Thing of Beauty Bites the Dust

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We had a bad storm a few nights ago, and a huge branch fell off a tree and crushed the roof of a car in the parking lot next door.

So they sawed the whole thing down yesterday. Not a trace of it remains.

Why do branches fall off trees that are still alive and healthy? Because they keep growing until they’re too big, and too heavy, and growing at a disadvantageous angle, to resist the pull of gravity. This happens naturally. We don’t want our cars or ourselves to be crushed under a 700-pound branch that suddenly comes crashing down, so it behooves us to take care of the trees around us.

They could have sawed off the big branches most likely to break off, but they got rid of the entire tree.

I grieve for that! This was a venerable, ancient tree, still going strong, and had a great trunk (like the tree in the picture above) that looked like a number of smaller trunks had been marvelously welded together. It wore necklaces of ivy and a soft gown of moss. It was beautiful, there was no other tree like it around here, and now it’s gone as if it had never been. As if we’d dreamed it.

Libs ‘n’ progs never stop yakking about “respecting the environment” and Saving The Planet by taking away your air conditioner. Well, I live in a town that has been uninterruptedly ruled by the likes of them since Watergate, and for all their lip service to the environment, they have waged constant war against the natural world. They have trashed this town but good! They want to pave over everything and put up housing projects.

Please! When Democrats shed crocodile tears for the natural world, and blather on about how more restrictions need to be imposed on the common people (but not themselves) in order to Protect The Environment–please, please don’t believe them!

Because they do not mean a single word of it. And if you don’t believe me, drive through New Jersey sometime and see what they’ve done to it.

What! A quiet little cove where horseshoe crabs gather to mate under the light of the full moon, as they’ve doing since the dawn of time? Aaarght! Fill it in! Pave it over!

And so on.

5 comments on “Another Thing of Beauty Bites the Dust

  1. These people have no qualms about committing crimes against God’s creation. People, animals, trees, waterways – they don’t care, at least not now. A day is coming, though, when Our Holy God will visit them.

    1. They performed this particular disgrace–naming a naval vessel after a sodomite activist–back in 2012.

      Admiral Farragut, where are you when we need you?

  2. It makes me think of the Party Tree at Bag End that Sharkey (Saruman) cut down, plus all the other stuff he did to ruin Hobbiton. It’s sad, it really is 🙁

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