The Folly of Urbanization

Crowded subway car at the evening rush hour in New York City Stock ...

Hello! Wakey-wakey!

If you cram people into hyper-urbanized environments, you turn them into sitting ducks for any new germ that comes along. Especially if you take their cars away and stuff them into mass transit. That slurping sound is a hungry virus licking its lips.

Early this morning my wife saw a fox trotting up our sidewalk. You’re not supposed to see them. But their hiding places have been systematically uprooted and paved over, as the philosopher-kings labor to turn our lovely small town–not so lovely as it used to be!–into a noisy, crowded, ugly city. Gives ’em more clout within the Democrat Party, you see.

After decades of scheming and finagling for it, they’ve finally got high-rise dwellings in the middle of downtown, having gotten rid of several acres of parking space. They’ve got shills writing in to the local–ahem!–newspaper bragging about what a swell time they’re having in the high rise and how they, superior beings that they are, don’t need cars anymore and ain’t they just as cute as buttons? Their dwellings have been erected within yards of our very busy railroad tracks. How they manage with the noise is something they don’t talk about.

But make way for Agenda 21! Progress, progress!

What it looks like is a plan to first turn the towns into small cities and then connect the dots to transform all of central New Jersey into one big gigantic city. And stack all the people on top of each other, jam them together like sardines, because that’s supposed to make it easier to control them.

Hey, no problem! Mandatory universal vaccines, against every disease known to humankind–that’ll protect us. Mandatory lots of other things, too. Laws are cumbersome; mandates are cool: stroke of the pen, law of the land.

When progressives say “progress,” watch out.


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As our glorious one-party Democrat Paradise labors to transform itself into an urban hellhole, life around here gets more and more trying.

This morning it was jackhammers at 7:30. Nice! And then some guy comes to the door to tell us we won’t be able to get out of the parking lot today, unless we get out now–I’m not even dressed yet–because the big repaving job they did this summer, that locked up our parking lot a whole week… well, they screwed that up so now they’re gonna do it over. Whatever. We pay to park there. Hah.

Why do we have to park there? Because our building has neither lot nor driveway. You can always park on the street, if you can beat the odds and find a space. We used to do that. The problem with parking on the street is, drunks smash their cars into yours. And when it snows, forget about it.

I’ve lived in this town all my life. You wouldn’t believe what a lovely town it used to be. Democrats are turning it into Mordor. Somehow they benefit by creating Tartarus wannabes like Detroit and Camden. They do it to every place they can get their filthy thieving hands on.

We have no Republican Party here. We have no defense.

The War Against Tranquility

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So… I stripped the bed and laundered the bedding, had breakfast, took care of the cat, took my blood pressure, and did a bit of blogging. Then I decided to go out for a little bike ride. What a mistake that turned out to be.

I’ve lived in the same small town all my life, and I distinctly remember it used to be quiet and peaceful on a weekend morning in the summer.

I couldn’t hear myself think.

Everybody who had a leaf blower, weed whacker, power mower, or some other infernal machine was out there making noise for all he was worth. The more affluent residents–at least one on every single block–all hired “landscaping” crews with even bigger, even louder machines.

The din was terrible. Just awful. It sounded like Mordor had won the War of the Ring, and all the orcs were loose on Sauron’s birthday.

For the life of me, I can’t imagine why they want to do this. It’s not like anyone is ever outside, actually using his little bit of yard. The only time they come out, other than to go to work, is to make a frightful racket over their lawns. No one sits on his front porch, reading the paper and sipping lemonade. There are no children outside playing.

At least I wasn’t trying to write.That would have been impossible, this morning.

Another Thing of Beauty Bites the Dust

Image result for images of big old tree with ivy

We had a bad storm a few nights ago, and a huge branch fell off a tree and crushed the roof of a car in the parking lot next door.

So they sawed the whole thing down yesterday. Not a trace of it remains.

Why do branches fall off trees that are still alive and healthy? Because they keep growing until they’re too big, and too heavy, and growing at a disadvantageous angle, to resist the pull of gravity. This happens naturally. We don’t want our cars or ourselves to be crushed under a 700-pound branch that suddenly comes crashing down, so it behooves us to take care of the trees around us.

They could have sawed off the big branches most likely to break off, but they got rid of the entire tree.

I grieve for that! This was a venerable, ancient tree, still going strong, and had a great trunk (like the tree in the picture above) that looked like a number of smaller trunks had been marvelously welded together. It wore necklaces of ivy and a soft gown of moss. It was beautiful, there was no other tree like it around here, and now it’s gone as if it had never been. As if we’d dreamed it.

Libs ‘n’ progs never stop yakking about “respecting the environment” and Saving The Planet by taking away your air conditioner. Well, I live in a town that has been uninterruptedly ruled by the likes of them since Watergate, and for all their lip service to the environment, they have waged constant war against the natural world. They have trashed this town but good! They want to pave over everything and put up housing projects.

Please! When Democrats shed crocodile tears for the natural world, and blather on about how more restrictions need to be imposed on the common people (but not themselves) in order to Protect The Environment–please, please don’t believe them!

Because they do not mean a single word of it. And if you don’t believe me, drive through New Jersey sometime and see what they’ve done to it.

What! A quiet little cove where horseshoe crabs gather to mate under the light of the full moon, as they’ve doing since the dawn of time? Aaarght! Fill it in! Pave it over!

And so on.

‘Jackass’ Comes to Town

I’m running late today because I had to hit the road with my bike before I sat down to breakfast, so as to beat the rain.

As I pedaled through what’s supposed to be a quiet residential neighborhood, I saw one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

All over town, they’re tearing down nice, ordinary houses that nice, ordinary people actually lived in, to replace them with these huge plywood mansions on undersized lots, whose inhabitants never show themselves.

So this morning they were tearing off the top half of a house. Everything was gone–roof, inner walls, framework–except the two walls at opposite ends of the house, standing like bare bookends. And then one of those walls started to wobble back and forth.

Oh! The workmen were trying to push it over. By and by, they succeeded. The wall came down with a great crash. Who cared where the splinters were going to fly off to? They might have wrecked a car, or taken off somebody’s leg, but the jolly workmen up above never thought of that.

Another thing they never thought of–the falling wall took down a nearby power line. Or maybe it was a phone line. Somebody’s going to be put through quite a hassle here.

Idiots should not be paid for demolishing a house.