I Gett A Nise Supprise!

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Wel thare i was cellabratin Hillery she “is” eleckted Pressadint and i Was spinnin my selff al aruond evan thohg it make My antenners on my four head kind of sore and my prefesser he come along and he sayes I bean dum and stopid becose “the” Elecktion it is nott untill Novvembre!!

And i sayed “So” whatt??? novvembre its onely next month! and He sayed “now yuo” bean reely stopid, lo0kit this hear colander, thare “is stil” threee months to go befour its novvembre and he poyntid to them one two three, Auggest sepptembre and aslo Octrober, and that it make me madd so i was thinkin of fyling a Complate aginst he doin a Micro Gresion on me,

So I sayed “so what” aggain, “watt abuot” Alice who Used to be Biff, he havent evan got “his” wee-wee choped off and he sayes he “is” now a wimmin and “we al got” To say he reely is a Wimmin! or elsse we just be biggits makin hat speeech, “So how come” it “is” not novvembre Iff i say its novvembre, huh???”

And then Yiu know “waht”? my prefesser he smyled at me and he sayed “i am” so prowed of yiu! becose now yiu begining to unnerstand waht yuor Eddicatoin it is alll abuot!!! “and” so I am goin to gifve yiu Exter Creddit for that!!! becose yiu reely on yuor weigh now to bein a Reel Interllectural!

Wel yiu culd of nocked me Over “with” A fetther i was so hapy becose i kneeded that Exter Creddit for my Gender Studdies becose my greyds thay wasnt so hot. Aslo he give “me” a nise pare of Jim Sox to eet for my lunch! and aftar he “lefft” i was stil so hapy that i spinned my self Aruond “and” aruond some Moar, it make me Dizzy witch is a lot like “gettin” High onely it is cheeper!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your extra credit, Joe Collidge, but didn’t your parents ever tell you not to count your chickens before they’re hatched, or not to put all your eggs in one basket? I’m voting for Hil-liary – for PRISON!

  2. Yer Perfesser is won mitey smart feller. I shur hoap, if’n I ever graddywait kinnygarten an go ta kollage, I kan halve him fur a teecher. Like, dude, keap on spinnin, an Isle sea ya’ at duh poles next month.

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