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Hillary Climbs Mt. Hypocrisy

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Shakespeare nailed this in Richard III, in Act 3, Scene 7. They want to talk to Richard, who has already spent the first two acts betraying and murdering his way to the throne. But they are told they can’t see him because

“He is within, with two right reverend fathers, divinely bent to meditation, and in no worldly suits will he be moved to draw him from his holy exercise.”

Fast-forward to 2017, and the publication of Strong for a Moment Like This: the Daily Devotionals of Hillary Rodham Clinton, who seems to think of herself as some kind of latter-day Esther. She wrote the forward. The book was organized by Clinton family pastor Dr. Bill Shillady, who shills for the lady. It contains 365 daily devotions “written by men of the cloth” (http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/07/pastors-daily-devotions-written-for-hillary-rodham-clinton-published-she-wrote-the-foreward/)–right reverend fathers, even.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this the same Hillary Clinton who has said that Christianity “must change” to embrace abortion and homo pseudomarriage? The same Hillary Clinton who has skated over more criminal scandals than Hans Brinker skated over frozen ponds?

Naah. She is within, divinely bent to meditation.

Far be it from us to spurn anyone’s devotions. But I think we know hypocrisy when we see it, especially when it looms as high as high Olympus. This is Mount Hypocrisy, climbed all the way to the top by only a favored few.

Let the devotions be judged on their own merits. God will judge Hillary on hers. Maybe she’ll repent and be saved.

And maybe not.

FBI: Hillary’s Classified Emails Were Forwarded to… Weiner

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Was it really a good idea for the Secretary of State’s classified emails to be forwarded to some guy who was under investigation for emailing dirty pictures of himself to teenage girls? A Secretary of State, moreover, who was trying really hard to become our next president?

Well, that’s what happened, FBI Director James Comey testified today before the Senate Judiciary Committee ( http://www.businessinsider.com/comey-huma-abedin-forwarded-classified-information-to-anthony-weiner-2017-5). No one got indicted, he said, because the FBI couldn’t prove there was any criminal intent.

Just colossal stupidity, I guess.

Presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton had her emails forwarded to former Congressman and out-to-lunch pervert Anthony Weiner, said Comey, so he could print them out for his wife, Clinton’s right-hand gal Huma Abedin. Some of those emails contained classified information. Why Huma couldn’t print them out herself remains a mystery.

Hillary still wants to be president and has indicated that she plans to run again. That, too, is a mystery.

Oh, well–at least the nuclear launch codes didn’t wind up in some teenage girl’s computer.

We think.

There are still people who wish Hillary Clinton was our president.

That’s an even bigger mystery.

I Has had a Dreem

I ate me a peace of a swetter last nihgt and it “must of had” like Carpet Cleener on it or somthing becose it Gived me a wiled Dream!

I drempt Pressidint Obamma he come “back” and made A Revilution and got rid “of” Donold trump and al them biggits and Haters witch suported “him” and than Obamma he turnt “into” a god! and he made Hillery the Pressidint insted of Trump and so she Lived “in the” Wite House And gess waht? I was her Boy Freind!!! and Bil Clintin he dint Mind becose he “had” a lott of Girl Freinds!

Yes! Wow!! i was Hillery’s Boy Freind now and i got To sleap “on” the Flore rihght by her Bed! and than She sayed “Mothy” (That was Her pet “naime” for Me( come “on Up hear a Minnet” and I thinked O Man this It Is goin to be Grate! and yiu know Waht she done then??? She gived Me a Indain Burn!!! Oboy that hurt!!!

And i sayed “how Come yiu” gived Me a Indain Burn and she sayed Becose I Can!! “I wil give This hole stinkin countrie a big fat Indain Burn and yiu wil here Them howell!! And then she strated Lauhghing and she Lauhghed so Loud it waked me up and thare i was freezing and my Moth Antenners thay Had Ice in them Rihght thare in My prefesser’s Tool shed! my Teeths thay wore Chatterin “so” bad i culdnt hardly “talk” but he Wuldnt give me No more blankits becose he sayed Its Globbal Warming “and whye” shuld he waist anether Blankit?

Wel i sayed Gee but I am awffle Cold! and he “sayed” Yiu be carful Waht yiu say or I “wil have yiu up on” charges of Climbit Change Denile and yiu dont “want” evry One to think yuo are a Racist do yiu??” Wel I gess that reely Shut me up!!!

I tell yiu this eddication It is reely Hard some times!!!


Inauguration Day: Fire or Fizzle?

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All sorts of threats against our new president, Donald Trump, are pouring out of the Left. As just one example out of many, CNN has recently teased its viewers by reporting that, should some “disaster” kill Trump and Vice President Mike Pence tomorrow, before they can be sworn in, an Obama appointee, some “undersecretary for political affairs,” would then become president ( http://www.infowars.com/cnn-if-trump-is-killed-during-inauguration-obama-appointee-would-be-president/ ).

Again, that’s just one of many threats, too numerous to list here. The Left is frantic over the prospect of losing power, and, unrestrained by anything that we would recognize as morality, they’re making like they’ll do absolutely anything to keep it.

But we’ve seen a lot of this lately. First they were going to disrupt the Republican National Convention. Fizzle. Then there was the Great Recount. Fizzle. Then the flood of threats against the Electoral College. Fizzle. Then some really disgusting “news” about Trump that turned out to be a hoax. Fizzle. So, if past history is anything to go by, the mayhem and chaos threatened for Inauguration Day will turn out to be the final fizzle. I pray I’m right about this.

This succession of threats is in itself symptomatic of a deep spiritual sickness in our country. And although the Lord blessed us in sparing us a Hillary Clinton presidency, it’ll take more than winning an election to cure us.

Let us pray.

O Lord Our God, move us as a nation to repent our sins, to humble ourselves, and to turn back to you, so that you can heal us–as you have said, in the Bible, that you will. Turn us so that we know our sin and turn away from it, turn us back to sanity, turn us back to you, O God: and we shall be saved. We are in very deep trouble, Lord, and only you can pull us out of it. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Whye we warship Pressadint Obamma

Image result for images of statue of obama

Well HA HA HA!! We has thunk up a prottest “now” that is goin to forse Donold Trump “to” stepp down and flea the contry!!!

Hear at Our Collidge we Has put up a stattue “of” Pressidint Obamma witch us Interllecturals we warship “Evty” day! and dont yiu “go saying” we has got “a” religon now becose Us Interllecturals we “know thare” isnt no sutch thing as God but Pressadint Obamma he “is” a Hire Being mutch Supreriar to ordrinay Humins and you wate and See “he” wil Live Fourevver! In fact he “is like” King Arther he is going to Come Back and be Our Pressadint agian when “the” contry It kneads him most!!!!

I has askd My prefesser if i Can be “a preest” of Pressidint Obamma’s stattue and then I wil eat Bugs and evry Day i wil Burn insents to him And chante them Holey words “Barrack Hoosine Obamma Mmm-Mmm-Mmm!! And the stattue It wil here me Chanting and it Wil “grohw” more Powerfull and make Big Mojoe and verry Soon “chace Donold” Trump clere Out of The Contry!!! and Then he wil Come Back to the Witehouse and aslo Hillary she wil Be The Goddass!

And it istnt No religon becose Pressadint Obamma he “is reel”!!!

And now i has got to deside waht Kind of Bugs to eate thay telll me Crickits thay go goood whith Jim Sox in sauce!

New Charge Against Trump: Witchcraft!

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Dr. Floyd Rubbish

An honored academic, Dr. Floyd Rubbish, Professor of Gender and Social Justice at Effing University, has accused President-elect Donald Trump of practicing witchcraft.

“I seen him when he thinked nobody was looking!” the professor told MSNBC Fake News. “And guess what he done! Well, first he turnt hisself into a rabbit, and then he turnt hisself back into Donald Trump, and then he climbed onto a broom and he flyed away!”

Having seen this scandalous phenomenon, Professor Rubbish immediately reported it to the Democrat National Committee, who passed it on to the FBI’s Partisan B.S. Unit. Rubbish was paid $75,000 by the DNC to cover his travel expenses. He has donated most of his gratuity to the Clinton Foundation.

Senator Chuck Waggon (D-Mordor) said Trump would now have to step down in favor of Hillary Clinton. “We’ve got him now!” drooled the Democrat Senator. “He’s not going to wiggle out of this one. And anyhow, Hillary will make a better witch, she’s had much more practice.”

This Little Blog…

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Bigger than an elephant! Bigger than a man!

Okay, that’s the Baluchitherium, not my blog. But we did pass some big milestones here in 2016.

Thanks to you, the readers, we had 63,578 views this year–almost twice as many as last year’s total, and more than the previous two years put together. We also passed the 10,000 mark in comments.

Four times in 2016 we topped 6,000 views in a month. Our daily average was 174 views–almost twice the average for 2015.

Can this blog keep growing? Search me! All I do is write the stuff. Oh–and pick out cat videos, too.

My goal is to make this blog a small part of a great revival of faith and hope. For that it needs the Lord’s blessing and your active participation. I hope that didn’t sound too pretentious. Thing is, we should all be working for revival! We have an awful lot to revive from.

By the mercy of God we will not have to try to do it with Hillary Clinton sitting in the White House and spitting poison at us. The Lord has given us a leg up.

So let’s climb.

How Fake is Hillary Clinton?

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Hey, fellow deplorables! Remember this?

For many years, Hillary Clinton’s toadies spun the yarn that their goddess was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the New Zealander who became world-famous in 1953 for being the first to climb Mount Everest.

Gee, Mr. and Mrs. Rodham must have been clairvoyant. Their daughter Hillary was born in 1947.

Even more astounding than the Rodhams’ clairvoyance is the fact that the Clintons publicly made this idiotic claim for years and years, even allowing it to be included in Bill Clinton’s biography–and got away with it. Not until 2006 did they admit that the precocious little Rodham girl was not named for Sir Edmund Hillary ( http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/17/nyregion/17hillary.html ). It must’ve really hurt The New York Times, to publish that.

Said a Clinton campaign hack of the lie that no one should’ve believed for a minute, let alone ten years, “It was a sweet family story her mother shared to inspire greatness in her daughter, to great results I might add.”

I think I’m going to be sick.

Oh, Forsooth! ‘Pantsuit Nation’

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This was going to be a Joe Collidge article, but it’s really too silly and degrading even for him.

We are asked to believe that out there, on Facebook, is a “Pantsuit Nation” consisting of some 2.5 million “strong women” who proudly voted for Hillary “Careless” Clinton as president. Hey, you can even get a Pantsuit Nation T-shirt. I tried to include a picture but the computer rebelled.

Yes, they are proud. One–and I have no idea whether any of these people are really real–likens herself to Rosie the Riveter, the World War II icon of the woman working in a factory to defeat Hitler. Yeah, that’s Hillary. Another boasts, “I’ve cut my ties with my family.” Well, who needs family when you’ve got a politician?

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…

Knew you not Hillary? Captain of her satyr husband’s Bimbo Eruption Team, smearing and destroying the women Bill assaulted sexually. Lawyer who laughed about getting a man off the hook after he’d raped a child: laughed because she knew he was guilty, and was proud of herself for defeating justice. Liar, hustler, crook, and drunkard!

For this you parted from your family?

Yeah, well, fine, we all know the story now, the Legend of Hillary–how it was her right, and hers alone, to be president, and how Putin and his gremlins rigged the election so Donald Trump could seize the White House: uh-huh. And the South woulda-shoulda-coulda won the Civil War, only their arms got all worn out from beating Yankees. And if Willie McCovey’s line drive had been just six inches higher off the ground!

These unhinged liberals just can’t believe the American people have rejected them.

I wonder how crazy they’re going to get before they constitute a threat to life and limb.

I’ve Been Polled

Image result for images of stupid opinion poll

Wow, the Marist College Poll phoned me last night, soliciting my opinion on a myriad of issues.

I got kind of wound up, though, because a lot of the questions weren’t what I’d call honest questions. They contained presuppositions which I just wasn’t buying–and I had to tell them so.

For instance: “Do you consider yourself white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, etc.?” If I considered myself black, would that make me  black?

And then there were a bunch of questions that had to do with “a person in the process of transitioning from one sex to another.” Hold it! I don’t recognize that as a valid category. No matter what they do to you surgically, no matter how stereotypically you try to mimic the other sex, no matter what hormones they shoot you up with–if you’re a man, every single cell in your body will continue to be male, with male chromosomes. But they kept asking, and I had to keep answering, “That is not a valid category, those people are not in fact having their sex changed, it is an imbecility forced on our society by very wicked persons.”

Some of the questions in this poll reflected a deep dishonesty that has crept into our very language, making it extremely difficult to speak the truth, and maybe even impossible, at times.

How dishonest? Let us not forget that some of these pollsters had Hillary Clinton winning big, big, big, right up into Election Night. They lied to themselves, and believed it.

I know a few individuals who lie to themselves. You probably do, too. How does that work out for them?

When Solon the philosopher saw the first play ever put on in Athens, he didn’t like it. When they asked him why not, he said, “All that lying–and in public, too! Now it’s on a stage, but sooner or later it’ll get into our business.”

Lying can be habit-forming. Ask any politician.

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