‘That Ain’t Hillary’ (2017)

Honk if you believe that’s Hillary. [Deep and total silence ensues]

Imagine being so profoundly dishonest that you put a picture of someone else on your book jacket, saying she’s you and hoping someone, anyone, believes you.

That Ain’t Hillary

This was the author photo for her new book, You Dirty Deplorables, Wait’ll I Get You! Yes, she was trying to convince the world that her loss to Donald Trump was “The Russians.” Or something. And she puts some younger woman’s picture on her book jacket and makes believe it’s hers.

Well, all right–as long as we’re lying, here’s the picture that’s going to go on the cover of my next book.

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If Hillary ever told the truth on purpose, she’d burst into flame.

‘”Activist” Calls for Hillary to “Take Over”‘ (2018)

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The only reason she isn’t president today is, the Dems are as scared of her as we are.

More proof that it’s not an “insurrection” when Democrats do it.

‘Activist’ Calls for Hillary to ‘Take Over’

This doofus wanted to state a coup d’etat in 2018. Silly ass: he didn’t realize the Deep State was working on it even as he spoke.

But it does show the Democrat mind-set–anything, absolutely anything, for power. There’s nothing they won’t do to get it. Even now they’re murdering our country. Hope and chains, baby! Hope and chains!

They waited till Election Day 2020 to execute their coup. In that sense, we have already been Fundamentally Transformed into a third-world country.

The Weding ‘Of’ The Centchurie!!!!

Funko Pop! The Vote Hillary Clinton Figure - Walmart.com - Walmart.com

Boy did i herd Grate Noose “this” moarning!!!!! I think “it” was on CNN or mayby sombplaice Elsse!!


Not ownly “that”!” Oncet thay are Marryed, thay boath “Will” be Pressadint!!!!! Haow grate is that??!!?

Somb Hater Biggit he sayed But “that caint Be,, becose thay” are “boath awlreddy Marryed to somb-one Elsse!!!!” So we got himb kicked Out “of” Collidge!!!!! It “is” Oh K for Hillery “and” Jo to get Marryed becose It Is Foar “The” Goood Of The Contry,, Stoopid!!! It is a Merjincy Marridge!!!!! So putt That! in yore Pupa and Smoak It!!!

I awlyaws Knowed that somb Day Hillery she wood “be” Pressadint!!!!!! Nhow that weave “Got” Co-Vid that stopid Racist Constatittusion it doughnt Mater enny moar!!!! Fromb nhoaw On we whill Do “watt-ever” it taiks to maik Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!! And enny boddy thay doughnt lyke it, whell thay Beter “get” reddy for “the” Goo Log!!!!!!!!

And we whil alll Get Freee Tooission!!!!!!!!!!!

((Mayby we “can” Get Pressadint Obomma back tooo!!! Hoap And Chains for evver!!!


‘A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus’ (2016)

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Do you think our politicians take our country’s future seriously?

Think again!

A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus

In 2016 Democrats chose to flip a coin–literally– to decide the outcomes of several county primaries in Iowa. This is what a sane person calls frivolous. As in “not having any serious purpose or value.” Hey, they’re all gonna be rich no matter who wins.

In the five years since this was written, the only thing they’ve proved they’re serious about is doing as much damage to our country as they can.

‘It’s Never Their Fault’ (2016)

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What–me worry?

Was there ever a time when the Democrat Party wasn’t crooked? First they stole a nomination from Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. Now they’ve stolen a whole election.

It’s Never Their Fault

But whatever the crime, it’s never their fault! Nope–the blame always gets slapped onto whoever was trusting enough to blow the whistle on the crime. That’s how they managed Climategate: and instead of the whole Climbit Change enterprise going down in flames, the Climategate scandal was chased clean out of the nooze cycle.

Damn, they’re good at doing that!

‘The Grandmommy of All Fake News’ (2016)

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It is said that sheer overconfidence, which produced carelessness, cost Democrats the 2016 election.

How overconfident were they?

The Grandmommy of All ‘Fake News’

Okay, it was fun watching Newsweak frantically trying to distance itself from its own cover.

This year, though, they did away with overconfidence and pulled out every dirty trick, every cheat, every lie, and every payoff in the book–and stole the 2020 presidential election. Stole the White House from the American people, with fake votes and fake news. Now we have this senile guy out there claiming to be president-elect.

Imagine how Hillary feels. “This doddering doofus won, and I lost???” Betcha that keeps her awake at night.


‘Once a Meat-Head, Always a Meat-Head’ (2017)

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Still a meat-head

Almost a year after Donald Trump’s election, left-wing imbeciles were still fantasizing about somehow removing him from office and “installing” Hillary Clinton as the “rightful president.” To this day they’ve never given up on that.

Once a Meat-head, Always a Meat-head

We thought Rob Reiner was only acting when he played “Meat-Head,” Archie Bunker’s brain-dead liberal son-in-law on All in the Family. Well, he wasn’t acting, was he? He really is a left-wing lump of dust.

God help us if these people win. The 2020 elections are just a few days away. God help us if they win.

But why should He help us, if we let them win?

‘The Liberal Chronicle of Narnia: “The Earth Priestess Brings Social Justice to the Workers”‘ (2016)

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Here I go again with archaic political notions. I just can’t help myself–can’t drum up even the tiniest flicker of desire to get woke.

Hey! What would you get if liberals rewrote C.S. Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia?

You’d get a load of schiff like this.

The Liberal Chronicle of Narnia: ‘The Earth Priestess Brings Social Justice to the Workers’

It’s liberals, so of course the White Witch is the hero and everything bad is good, everything good is bad. That’s being with it! That’s being in tune with the times.

Proceeds from the sale of Earth Priestess will go to pay bail for rioters.

‘In the Year 2030…’ (2016) [with prayer request]

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This essay was posted just as *Batteries Not Included’s second term was winding down and an even worse monster was expected by all prognosticators to replace him.

In the Year 2030…

It gives me pleasure to recall that I was predicting, in June of that year, and in print for everyone to see, that Donald Trump would be our next president. But really, those eight Obama years were a downer for normal people and it was easy to get depressed.

We pray the Lord our God will again intervene to save this country: not for our sake, because we are sinners and have not yet come to terms with that, but for His own great name’s sake: so that all the world can see, Lord, what you do, and that the world might know that you are God. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

‘The Devil Knows He’s Toast’


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As bad as things are, they could be worse. Much worse.

Look at all the terrible things Satan’s servants, the Far Left, have tried to do, were sure they could do–and haven’t been able to.

The Devil Knows He’s Toast

Probably the best thing to happen to my country in my lifetime was the non-election of Hillary Clinton. Imagine if 2016 had turned out otherwise. Then do everything you possibly can to re-elect President Trump.

Evil is running wild today–because the Devil knows his time is almost up.

[Confidential to Steve: I still read Freddy books. I read “Wild Animals I Have Known” several times when I was a boy, and I don’t know why–didn’t all those stories have unhappy endings?]