The Return of… Oh, Holy Cow!

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I think I hear a coffin creaking open.

Maybe Dick Morris is last year’s potatoes, but he’s out there this week forecasting another presidential run for Hillary Clinton ( ‘Cause she has this “brilliant strategy,” see, and anyway there’s nobody else sitting on the Democrat bench, etc.

First she lost to a freshman senator from Illinois whom most Americans had never heard of. Then she lost to a rich guy whose presidential run was his first venture into politics. She has sort of a habit to losing to newcomers.

Well, fine! Run her as many times as it takes to destroy the Democrat Party. She is a profoundly unlikable character, nobody in his right mind trusts her, she’s spectacularly corrupt… Oh, yes, Democrats! Go for it. This time it’s bound to work. This time you’re really gonna kick the football.

You’d think a party with millions of people in it could generate at least one major candidate who was not a crook, an idiot, a wacko, a jidrool, or a nitwit

But Hillary Clinton is all these things…


‘Hillary Wants a Do-Over’ (2017)

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Just another Mussolini wannabe

When did Democrats settle down and abide by the results of the 2016 presidential election?

Not yet!

Hillary Wants a Do-Over

Four years, four whole years, we had to listening to their whining and their bellyaching, had to endure their ridiculous Russian Collusion Probe, sit through their asinine efforts to impeach Donald Trump–every freakin’ day for four whole years.

And they want us to just sit back and Let’s Go Brandon? Do they think we all have amnesia?

Let this be the year the Democrat Party is crushed beyond all hope of recovery.

They’ve earned it.

Hillery She Wil Be Prestadint!!!!!!!!!!

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I jist heered the Gratest news i Ever herd “in” My lyfe!!!

Hillery she “Is” Goingto Be Pressadint!!!!!!!!!!

Jist a fiuw daze Aggo she gived her Innaugarasion Speach!! It terns owt she is Goingto mary Jobydin and “then” he will goe On vaycaysion to Chyner ware his son whorks and Hillery she “Wil” Taik Over! and be Pressadint!!!!

And aslo all Repubbicans thay wil has To “go to” Jale!!!

I know It “is” troo becose sumb boddy thay red “it” “to” me on The Intranett!!!!! and i whas So hapy i didn Know waht “to Do” whith My Self so i fowned a Nice Pare of Jim Sox and ated themb!!!!!! It terned owt that “was” somb gye’s sox he was jist abuot To “put” themb on so he Was “kyned of” Madd “at” me and do yiu Know waht he didded??? HE PINTCHED OFF ONE OF MY MOTH ANTENNERS!!!!!! Butt it whil gro back!!! it hurted a Lott “but” i was tooo hapy to cair!!!!

Nhow i thinck I “wil” Drinck somb Ovuleteen!!!!

‘President Hillary’–A Warning Or a Nightmare?

Hillary Clinton's 'angry' face | Op-eds – Gulf News

The Mummy Returns… a horror movie, or nooze?

Wayne Allen Root warns us of a Democrat plan to “install” Hillary Clinton as president, bypassing all that messy business with elections and such (

Here’s how it works. SloJo Biden is tapped out, he’s over; but first they’ve got to get rid of Kamala-la-la-la. So they buy her off for, say, $25 million and she resigns “for personal reasons.” Hillary Clinton, possibly the most detested politician in America–and that’s saying a lot!–is appointed vice president. And then, for another $25 million, China Joe hangs up his spikes and heads for greener pastures. And voila! The most corrupt woman in the Northern Hemisphere is President of the United States!

Who needs elections anymore?

And in 2024, Root says, the Democrat ticket will be Clinton… and Michelle “No-Show Job” Obama! With her $4,000 sneakers paid for with your tax money.

I will count backwards from 10 and wake up in a very uncrowded movie theater…

You Can’t Keep a Clinton from Getting Cheap Kudos

Do you find this as revolting as I do? Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt woman in the world, has been named chancellor of Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Queens authorities say the position will be “largely ceremonial.” That means it’s a no-show job, a Democrat specialty. But she gets to wear a funky costume, with a little boy in another funky costume holding up her robe so it won’t drag. She also got booed as a “war criminal” by some of the students. We are not sure what war they’re referring to.

So it’s more kudos, and probably more money, for this woman who has never done anything worth the sound of one hand clapping. It’s so nice to be a member of the ruling class!

Well, it looks like it’s going to rain soon, so I’d better get out there and start writing. It’s called “work,” Hillary.

‘That Ain’t Hillary’ (2017)

Honk if you believe that’s Hillary. [Deep and total silence ensues]

Imagine being so profoundly dishonest that you put a picture of someone else on your book jacket, saying she’s you and hoping someone, anyone, believes you.

That Ain’t Hillary

This was the author photo for her new book, You Dirty Deplorables, Wait’ll I Get You! Yes, she was trying to convince the world that her loss to Donald Trump was “The Russians.” Or something. And she puts some younger woman’s picture on her book jacket and makes believe it’s hers.

Well, all right–as long as we’re lying, here’s the picture that’s going to go on the cover of my next book.

Image result for images of steve reeve as hercules

If Hillary ever told the truth on purpose, she’d burst into flame.

‘”Activist” Calls for Hillary to “Take Over”‘ (2018)

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The only reason she isn’t president today is, the Dems are as scared of her as we are.

More proof that it’s not an “insurrection” when Democrats do it.

‘Activist’ Calls for Hillary to ‘Take Over’

This doofus wanted to state a coup d’etat in 2018. Silly ass: he didn’t realize the Deep State was working on it even as he spoke.

But it does show the Democrat mind-set–anything, absolutely anything, for power. There’s nothing they won’t do to get it. Even now they’re murdering our country. Hope and chains, baby! Hope and chains!

They waited till Election Day 2020 to execute their coup. In that sense, we have already been Fundamentally Transformed into a third-world country.

The Weding ‘Of’ The Centchurie!!!!

Funko Pop! The Vote Hillary Clinton Figure - -

Boy did i herd Grate Noose “this” moarning!!!!! I think “it” was on CNN or mayby sombplaice Elsse!!


Not ownly “that”!” Oncet thay are Marryed, thay boath “Will” be Pressadint!!!!! Haow grate is that??!!?

Somb Hater Biggit he sayed But “that caint Be,, becose thay” are “boath awlreddy Marryed to somb-one Elsse!!!!” So we got himb kicked Out “of” Collidge!!!!! It “is” Oh K for Hillery “and” Jo to get Marryed becose It Is Foar “The” Goood Of The Contry,, Stoopid!!! It is a Merjincy Marridge!!!!! So putt That! in yore Pupa and Smoak It!!!

I awlyaws Knowed that somb Day Hillery she wood “be” Pressadint!!!!!! Nhow that weave “Got” Co-Vid that stopid Racist Constatittusion it doughnt Mater enny moar!!!! Fromb nhoaw On we whill Do “watt-ever” it taiks to maik Socile Jutstus!!!!!!!!!! And enny boddy thay doughnt lyke it, whell thay Beter “get” reddy for “the” Goo Log!!!!!!!!

And we whil alll Get Freee Tooission!!!!!!!!!!!

((Mayby we “can” Get Pressadint Obomma back tooo!!! Hoap And Chains for evver!!!


‘A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus’ (2016)

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Do you think our politicians take our country’s future seriously?

Think again!

A Lesson from the Iowa Caucus

In 2016 Democrats chose to flip a coin–literally– to decide the outcomes of several county primaries in Iowa. This is what a sane person calls frivolous. As in “not having any serious purpose or value.” Hey, they’re all gonna be rich no matter who wins.

In the five years since this was written, the only thing they’ve proved they’re serious about is doing as much damage to our country as they can.

‘It’s Never Their Fault’ (2016)

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What–me worry?

Was there ever a time when the Democrat Party wasn’t crooked? First they stole a nomination from Bolshevik Bernie Sanders. Now they’ve stolen a whole election.

It’s Never Their Fault

But whatever the crime, it’s never their fault! Nope–the blame always gets slapped onto whoever was trusting enough to blow the whistle on the crime. That’s how they managed Climategate: and instead of the whole Climbit Change enterprise going down in flames, the Climategate scandal was chased clean out of the nooze cycle.

Damn, they’re good at doing that!