Boy, 13, Jailed for… Burping

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Yup, you read that headline right: when a 13-year-old kid in an Albuquerque middle school made a bunch of fake burps to amuse his classmates, the school called the cops, the cops came, and the menace to society was handcuffed and tossed into jail. And now a “judge” has ruled that the kid’s parents can’t sue the cops (for excessive force) or the school district (for excessive idiocy) because… well, that would be to interfere in “the educational process” ( ) .

Good night, nurse.

All right, who’s crazier? The “educators” who called the cops because they couldn’t manage a 13-year-old boy who was being silly (which is, by the way, what 13-year-old boys do); or the cops who took time out from whatever else they were doing–it must not have been very important, leading one to surmise that perhaps the local police budget is too large–to rush over to the school and bust this kid for burping; or the horse’s ass of a judge who approved and upheld both sets of crazy actions?

They’re all nuts.

And if you are a Christian, and are sending your children to public school–why, pray tell, are you doing that?

(Thanks to Linda for the news tip)

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  1. Lee, normally I wouldn’t impose on your blog with general information news articles (I haven’t seen this in the main stream media), but I felt this was important to all your readers – and you and Patty, too. Hopefully, no one has been affected by this:

    Recall List:

    1. Thanks, Linda. We subscribe to a service that updates the various product recalls as they occur. It might be a good idea for everyone to do that.

    2. That’s a great idea. I didn’t realize there was such an update service. Do you happen to have a website? Thanks!

  2. Well, if this doesn’t just tear it. There is obviously no end to the insanity.
    I give up. (not)

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