Remember Bazooka Joe?

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Remember these? Bazooka Joe comics, which used to come with every piece of Bazooka Bubblegum.

I hadn’t seen one in a long time, and now I know why. The comics, after some half-hearted attempts at updating them, were discontinued in 2012. R.I.P., Bazooka Joe.

These, in their artless awfulness, were truly innocent. But there’s not much room left for innocence in our popular culture. Not much room at all.

3 comments on “Remember Bazooka Joe?

  1. Now there’s a trip down memory lane 🙂 I remember Bazooka Joe – and the really, really sweet bubble gum! Makes me long for the good old days and saddens me that today’s generation is missing all the innocence we enjoyed.

  2. I had a friend who saved up those comics and did get some kiddie-cool stuff. I just read the comics, threw them away, and chewed the gum! A great blast from the past!

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