Another Doctor Visit

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I went to the doctor again this morning, and the bottom line is (he said), “Whatever you’re doing is working, so keep doing it.”

I have lost nine pounds in three months, my kidneys aren’t problematic anymore, my blood pressure is mostly under control, except for when I have to write about anyone named “Clinton,” and I’m taking antibiotics for some sort of infection in my innards. I ride my bike most days, and try very hard to relax, totally, at night. I also post a lot of cat videos: what can it hurt?

Of course, I could adopt a much more spartan way of life and eat nothing but strictly healthy foods. That would certainly make it seem like I was living longer! But I say enough is enough–and anyway, let’s get these other issues squared away first, all right?

I do have a doctor who cites prayer as a real aid to life and health. I like that.

5 comments on “Another Doctor Visit

  1. Congratulations on the good report, Lee. Last time they made it sound like a dire emergency.

  2. Praise God! – both for your improved health and for a doctor who believes in the power of prayer!

    As far as eating a more Spartan diet – my grandmother-in-law had a saying: ‘eat what you enjoy before they throw the dirt on you’. She was quite a character, but I like that idea 🙂

  3. Praise the Lord, I’m glad to hear this, and I think you are taking quite a
    reasonable, balanced approach. I think life would be too “shades of gray” if we never indulged in enjoyable food.

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