Poll: Ninnies Reject Capitalism

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In a recent poll taken by Harvard University, of 1,000 “millenials” aged 18 to 29, a majority–51%–said they now reject capitalism and a free market economy ( http://legalinsurrection.com/2016/04/new-poll-finds-most-millennials-reject-capitalism/ ).

In the same poll, only 33% said they would like socialism instead. So really, the blighters don’t know what they want.

And it’s always possible the poll was something less than strictly honest. A lot of polls are set up and carried out in a way purposely designed to get a particular result.

What does this poll prove?

Two things.

First, day-in, day-out indoctrination, first in public school, and then in college, for years on end–gee, it really works! Our teachers and professors, most of them far-out left-wing nincompoops, teach their students that America is a racist hell-hole, there ain’t no equality, Big Government has all the answers, if only they had all the power…blah-blah-blah.

Second, our system of education addles the brains exposed to it. These “millenials” want a safe space where they never see or hear or read anything they don’t like, they want a lot of free stuff, and beyond that, they are hopelessly confused. Our schools and colleges have done their work only too well.

Christians who love and respect their children do not subject them to any form of public education.


3 comments on “Poll: Ninnies Reject Capitalism

  1. The people who are most in favor for socialism are the young and naive who have never lived under. They have been sold a bill of goods by snake oil salesmen.

  2. Unfortunately, this is all too true. In my day, in Catholic schools, we were taught real subjects (not this fake ‘gender studies’ foolishness) but we were also taught to think for ourselves. The young people of today are indoctrinated into ‘group-think’ and ‘follow-the-demonic-leader’. We have allowed this to get so out of control that I fear there is no going back without Our Lord’s intervention. It behooves us all to pray without ceasing.

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