Anniversary Day!

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Today Patty and I celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary. I hope we’re good for 39 more. And we’re gonna have lobsters for supper!

I said this last year, and it’s even truer now: I would not be me without my wife.  What God chose for me was way, way better than anything I could have thought to ask for.

7 comments on “Anniversary Day!

  1. What a blessing a great marriage is! Nothing else like it on this earth.
    My prayers and blessings to both of you on this wonderful day!
    God be with you.

    1. The seafood guy “forgot” our order so we don’t get our lobsters after all. He also “forgot” to call me to tell me that my order wasn’t going to be filled after all.
      So much for our special anniversary dinner.

    2. Oh for goodness sake! Well, hopefully you were able to go somewhere nice instead.

    3. I’m so sorry. Patty must be disappointed too. Your seafood guy should really try to make it up to you somehow.

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