This Just In: the ‘Gender Unicorn’

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I am too a unicorn, I am, I am! My teacher says so!

I no sooner finish writing about how public school lays the groundwork for college to transform students into imbeciles, when an email came in alerting me to–oh, God, save us–something called “the gender unicorn” ( ).

Need I mention that there’s no such thing as a unicorn? Like, it’s not real. But even a unicorn is more real than this baloney.

This is a new teaching tool developed by perverts and fools to convince very young children that “gender” is anything you want it to be on any given day, no such thing anymore as boys or girls, blah-blah. It’s sort of like me saying I’m a Chinese girl with three eyes–obviously untrue, and if I were to keep saying it, people would think there was something quite wrong with me.

But this! Oh, this is sacred! Anyone who doesn’t hop on this bandwagon must be a biggit-biggit-biggit and a hater.

Well, okay, I do hate it–and the people who push it.

Christian parents who love and respect their children, and want the best for them, do not send their kids to public school.

5 comments on “This Just In: the ‘Gender Unicorn’

  1. This is shear madness! I have often thought that I would love to teach 8th grade, if and when my career as an Engineer is complete – but with this crap I would be quickly marched out of the building, if not sued!

  2. The insanity deepens and the idiots that further this baloney sink deeper into the pit, unless they repent! Public schools are the best reason for home schooling!

  3. Sadly, the parents of this generation of elementary-school-aged children are already a brainwashed generation in love with irresponsibility and perversity. I doubt that many could teach their children anything useful beyond second or third grade.

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