A Test for True Love

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After 39 years of marriage, I’ve finally hit on a test for true love. If you can answer this question “yes,” after 39 years, your marriage is founded on true love. And the question is:

When you think of your wife (or husband), do you ever think, “Gee, I wish we could’ve been kids together!”

Are you kiddin’? Like, as quick as boiled asparagus, baby! How I would have loved for us to play with wax dinosaurs, or my Erector set, or Monopoly, on a rainy summer afternoon. Or to lead her through the woods to Hangman’s Tree. Or to the throne-shaped stone in the woods, that I’ve salvaged, so many years later, to be King Ryons’ throne. You bet I’d like to share those things with Patty! And I’m sure I would’ve enjoyed her father’s running commentary on various radio programs (alas, her parents died before we met).

I am rather glad, though, that she never knew me between the ages of 15 and 25.

3 comments on “A Test for True Love

  1. That is wonderful, and yes, I had wished that had happened to me and my husband. We came from quite different backgrounds, but the good thing
    was our spiritual oneness.

  2. If you would consider something different for worship music, there is a very stirring song titled Baruch haba b’Shem Adonai by several different groups.
    One is Paul Wilbur, and there are others. It is beautiful and Scriptural.

  3. What a lovely thought, Lee. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way – especially today with our societies being so mobile. Interesting to ponder how our mates would have seen us in our youngster years, not to mention our awkward teens. 🙂

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