We Damand E-Qualitty!

Wee has been drawring up “a” List of stodent damands hear At collidge so that evryboddy “wil” be Equill and thare wil “be” no Racism and No more of Whyte Prifflidge!

First thare “must” be Free Tution for evryboddy! You asks howe “that” wil workWell its eeasy! Jist make The Rich “pay” thare fare shair! Yes the Rich thay has got “to” Pay for evrything!

Next evryboddy Has to graddate and Get “which” ever Deegree thay want, attomatacly, evryboddy Who “goes to” Collidge thay get a Deegree.

Next evryboddy thay “get” a A in Evry corse! That way noboddy he feeels bad, thay all Makes “the” Deens List and graddates With honners!

Next iff yiu cant make It “to” collidge yiu can jist say What deegree it Is yiu whant and thay Wil male it to yiu!! The Rich thay has got “to” pay For thatt too!

Iff al These hear Things thay get done Then evryboddy thay al bee Equill and evryboddy “thay” wil Al get Good Jobs the kind yiu dont has to work at!!! The Rich thay “wil” has to pay for that aslo!!

Al This it wil “bee” reel eeasy To do becose Hillery she Wil be Pressdint and she wil Putt al the nogood Biggit christins in Jale.

Oh i amlost forgott it; thare Is one More damand and That “is” evryboddy in Collidge thay gets Payed “for” bein thare and it Is a “smal” Pryce to pay for al them peple becummin Intellecturals like we who “is” alreddy Hear at Collidge.

Yiu cant never have Too many Smart Peple!

PS, did Yiu see the lattest Pole?? Hillary is ahed of Donold Trump, 88 per Cent to jist only 41 Per cent!!!

3 comments on “We Damand E-Qualitty!

  1. Joe, I’m starting to feel less and less sorry for you, and more and more like giving you a punch to the gut. You little moth-eaten interlectural.

  2. Joe, I think you’re a candidate to become a professional student – not that it will do much good. But maybe your ‘treatments’ will make you ‘feel’ better about all the peeples who cant be interlecturals like you. They’re the ones who were interlectural enough to stay away from those idiot institutions of ‘high-er’ learning. High being the operative word here.

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