Memory Lane: ‘Tombstone Territory’

Couldn’t resist this!

Every Saturday morning I used to run across the street to my friend Ellen’s house, and we’d watch this show: Tombstone Territory. I never forgot the theme music. (Psst! See if you can spot Leonard Nimoy before he grew his Vulcan ears.)

Well, that was the Bronze Age for you, tons and tons of Westerns on TV. I don’t even want to think about what the kids are watching now. Probably in today’s TV the marshal is the bad guy and the bank robbers and murderers are the good guys.

But what am I saying? Who’s even allowed to run over to a friend’s house anymore?

Come, Lord Jesus, come!


2 comments on “Memory Lane: ‘Tombstone Territory’

  1. Wow! Memory lane alright 🙂 My favorites were Hopalong Cassidy and Fury – I sure thought Fury was a fine horse!

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