Something Different: ‘Pat-a-Pan’ in August

You don’t hear many Christmas carols in August. I stumbled over this one this morning, and  couldn’t resist posting it–the old Burgundian carol, Pat-a-Pan, performed by David Archuleta… with the first verse sung in the original Burgundian French. How often do you get to hear that?

When I played this, it stirred my soul. Not that I call for every day to be Christmas: that would quickly ruin it. But it’s a good thing to remember, every day, that Jesus Christ Our Savior, Jesus Christ Our King, has indeed come in the flesh, come right into this fallen world of ours–and will surely come again.

In fact, He is already here with us, every day.

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  1. It is something different- very refreshing and enjoyable. It reminded me of one I have not played in a while, but also different and very nice. Titled;
    Come Holy Spirit I need Thee, and it is sung first in English, then part in
    tagalog with printed words.

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