Prayer Request: Betty

Please, everybody, join in prayer for my friend, Betty, whose daughter Tammy had surgery today (so far, so good) but has some other medical problems that have complicated the picture.

Father in Heaven, please bless your servant, Betty, and deliver her daughter, Tammy, from danger. We thank you for bringing her through her surgery, and we know that all healing comes from you. We pray in Jesus’ name, amen.

4 comments on “Prayer Request: Betty

  1. Amen. I will add Tammy to my prayer journal now, and continue to hold her up before the Lord for complete healing and recovery. May her rapid
    return to health be a testimony to the great power of the Lord to everyone who observes.

  2. Amen. May Jesus heal and protect Tammy and Betty. Our family will be lifting them up in our Prayers. May God keep you all in the palms of His hands. In Jesus Holy Name…

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