Video Treat: Cats & Stairs

Betcha never knew there were so many different ways of climbing up or down a flight of stairs.

Cats know all of them!

3 comments on “Video Treat: Cats & Stairs

  1. Cats certainly are creative 🙂 The tortoise shell kitty who was going up the stairs in circles reminded me of my Emily Rose who was also a tortoise shell kitty: she was hit by a car at 6 weeks old and the vet who tended her extensive injuries (which included internal and external pins in her leg) knew I rescued sick and injured cats. He asked if I would take her and, of course, I couldn’t resist. As it turned out, Emily Rose (who I called Emmy) was subject to seizures from the brain trauma of the accident. This affected her mobility and her vision, so when she would begin to walk anywhere she would first have to go in circles to get her bearings. I was blessed with this sweet and gentle soul, Emily Rose, for 17 years.

    1. You know and I know that there’s absolutely nothing like a cat who really loves you–and for 17 years: well, that’s a big blessing indeed.

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