They’re Not Just Idiots…

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What would you think of someone who went into a church and then complained  that he saw people praying?

Each morning I visit youtube, looking for a hymn that I can post here. These hymns are to be found on pages that have been set up to display them. Those pages are the work of Christians who wish to share the hymns with other Christians, and anyone else who might come along.

How often do I find comments by atheists, complaining about “religious utterances” made by Christians on a page set up by Christians to display a Christian hymn! Like, man, that’s religion, man! And it shouldn’t be allowed! It violates the separation of church and state!

Only two things wrong with that argument. 1) The words “separation of church and state” are not in the Constitution. 2) If you can’t have “religious utterances” in a forum set up by religious believers for that very purpose, where can you have it? But then for libs and progs–atheists are mostly libs and progs–the state is an all-devouring mass that knows no boundaries.

Well, you can accuse these atheists of a lot of things, but you can never say they have good manners. No “live and let live” for them. They are aggressive, they are intrusive, and for whatever inconceivable motivation  that keeps their fire burning hot, they try to stamp out all religious expression, all religious feeling, wherever they can find it. To what end? I very much doubt they know.

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  1. I just don’t get it either. And they are the first to stand-up for the “rights” of muslims to pray and spew their hate! But please don’t do anything Christian! And this whole separation of Church and State, just plain no .. it says the State can not establish a religion! Learn to read people!

  2. I think that the comment above gives us a big hint as to what is behind all of this. It’s not religious expression that they criticize, it’s expression of devotion to the One True God, the Creator, which galls them. Worship any other entity and you will be tolerated, encouraged, even cheered on. Ours is a fallen world.

  3. They’re miserable, simple as that. With the countless alternatives available, this pitiful lot search out Christian vids and sites to complain. Pathetic really.

    1. Our secular brethren–always spoiling for a fight. People would think us rather peculiar if we showed up on atheist websites to complain about atheism. We don’t bother because we’re not made that way.

      But leftids always want to control everybody else’s lives.

  4. Separation of Church and State, hmmm? So, even if this were in the Constitution (which it isn’t), when did YouTube become the State?

  5. Our Constitution contains words that are clearly and specifically meant to keep the government out of the Church, not the other way around. One of our Founders wrote a letter to someone (I forgot to whom) in which he used the phrase “separation of Church and state.” The context of the entire letter clearly shows him referring the Constitution’s intent to keep the government out of the Church, again, not the other way around.

    If everyone running for any political office on any level of government were required to take a test on the basics of our Constitution, we’d still be a Constitutional Republic. Even better, we’d have half the number of members in Congress than we have now (and be saving a lot of money in the process.)

    1. It was Thomas Jefferson who wrote that letter, to reassure a Baptist congregation that they wouldn’t be persecuted in favor of a national church–which was the case in most European countries at the time.

      We can be pretty sure he wasn’t implying that Christians be required to participate in same-sex pseudo-weddings.

  6. The demoniacs have been twisting that phrase and its meaning for decades, and it doesn’t appear they have any intention of changing course.

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