Extremely Naughty Cats!

Under no circumstances allow your own cats to watch this video. It might give them ideas.

Of especial concern is the cat that steals money. The question naturally arises: what’s he going to do with it? What’s he going to buy?

And notice they never close the refrigerator after plundering it.

Let us all take care to raise cats of good moral character.

4 comments on “Extremely Naughty Cats!

  1. My 4 year old Maine Coon is always stealing food from 1 5 year old ginger Tigger. Maine Coons are a greedy breed. She also regularly visits the neighbours and goes begging especially when they have just returned from a days fishing!

  2. Funny. That reminds me of the Maine Coon I once had when I lived in another town. He was living next door with his siblings, and he kept coming closer each day to my house, and he finally moved in with me. He only liked me; nobody else in the family, and he would make that abundantly clear when anyone else tried to pet him; hissing, taking a swat at them. He also ran off all other animals. They are an aggressive breed.

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