‘God of Our Fathers’

Here’s another one we used to sing in assembly in high school, until the Supreme Court came along and established secular humanism as the official religion before which all others must bow.

Gee, I wish we’d paid more attention to this hymn, and truly taken it to heart, while we were singing it!

You know what we should’ve done? We should’ve ignored them–just as Peter and John ignored the Temple authorities when they ordered them to stop preaching Jesus Christ.

We should have kept on praying, kept on singing, kept on saying “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holiday” (really, could anything be more ridiculous than a holiday whose name may not be mentioned?)–what were they gonna do about it? Throw us to the lions?

Now, this day, today–now is the time to stand back up again: and sing louder.

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  1. I fully agree with you. We are not defenseless weak kneed idiots. We have the Almighty God on our side.

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