A Bit of Fun: ‘An Engineer’s Guide to Cats’

I’ve always found engineers to have a very droll sense of humor–kind of like a cat’s. This video combines the two.

There’s a sequel to it, but I’ll wait and see how you like this one before I do anything with the other.

7 comments on “A Bit of Fun: ‘An Engineer’s Guide to Cats’

    1. Me, too… but I await the vote of my readers. My wife got a real kick out of that video, though. I do have to oblige her sometimes. (*!*)

    2. Thank you, Lee.

      It’s been a bit hectic around here. Trying to wade through all my email will take some time.

      It would be wonderful if your loyal followers would keep Michael and me in their prayers, as he is going through quite a health crisis. Thank you, everyone.

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