A Few More Funny Cats

As we all sit here and contemplate our deploreableness, I think it might help pass the time if we had a few nice cats to watch.

As for the tortoise trying to take a bite out of the sleeping cat’s toe, I’m sure it looks like a little piece of fruit to him. Some reptiles see color. My iguana used to try to eat pictures of tomatoes or strawberries because all his favorite fruits were red. Color, yes. Three dimensions, not so good.

2 comments on “A Few More Funny Cats

  1. Cats are so adorable – and they’re always entertaining 🙂 The cat stretched out on the dashboard was hilarious. My eyes aren’t so good anymore and when I first looked, I thought it was in the road! And I rather felt a bit sorry for the turtle. He thought he was getting a meal. Hopefully, he wasn’t disappointed and his people gave him some real food.

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