Cats Do the Darnedest Things

Some of these activities are a little hard to figure out, if you’re not a cat.

But I do think I’d like to try that thing with diving into a cereal box and sliding across the floor. That looks like a blast.

5 comments on “Cats Do the Darnedest Things

  1. As I always say, cats sure are amusing – to themselves as well as to us. Having rescued and raised many, many cats, I must admit that the tongue-wagger is a first!

  2. Just another illustration of what fascinating animals cats can be. They are obviously domestic creatures, but they retain a mystique of the aid animal that can’t be denied. They are very clever and capable of some very creative problem solving.

    I spent last weekend sitting a 9 week old Siamese kitten. In only 63 days of life experience he had the grace of a ballet dancer, incredible stalking instincts and yet could be a very calm, companionable pet during the 46 seconds out of every day that he wasn’t playing or sleeping.

    These creatures are truly a gift from an infinitely wise and loving Creator.

  3. What fun. This gave me my first real chuckle for today. I had two Siamese who fought over who got to jump in the box or bag.

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