What Does This Mean?

I don’t know what it’s like in your town, but when I rode my bike this morning, around the back streets, there were an awful lot of American flags being flown–maybe not quite as many as you’d see on the Fourth of July or Memorial Day, but way, way more than on any other day.

The flags are concentrated in a neighborhood of modest homes. So are the “Trump for President” lawn signs, although the flags far outnumber them.

Up on the hill, where you see the big, posh homes, there are no flags: only a scattering of “Hillary” lawn signs. Remember, the Democrats are “the party of the Little Guy.” Uh-huh. What little guy is that–the one with horns and a pitchfork?

My wife thinks the flags are code for “we support Trump,” rendered necessary because libs and other Dems have a penchant for destroying your property if they don’t like your yard sign or your bumper sticker. I think she’s probably right.

Do you see this sudden surge in Old Glory-flying in your town? Tell me about it–I really want to know.

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