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‘The Magic of “Equality”‘ (2015)

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Why isn’t this man rich?

Somehow “income inequality” failed to become the hot campaign issue of the 2016 election–probably because it looks so freakin’ ridiculous when some gazillionaire politician complains about it and says that you, the hard-pressed taxpayer, ought to shell out more money so they can lavish it on ne’er-do-wells and sluggards.


Why do people in government make such preposterously extravagant claims? “We’re gonna create income equality! We’re going to stop the climate from changing! We’re gonna to direct the course of human evolution!”

Are these people quite all there?

And what’s wrong with us, that we allow liars and mountebanks to lord it over us?

‘Bernie: If You’re White, You Don’t Know What It’s Like to be Poor’ (2016)

Well, Bernie Sanders sure as shootin’ doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor: that much we know. And to think this socialist fat-head would’ve been the Democrat nominee for president, if Hillary (who’s no better!) hadn’t cheated him out of it. Millions of people would have voted for this guy.


Why revisit this? Because it’s needful to remember that leftism sprouts directly from Original Sin. It is covetousness enthroned–the whole idea that anything that’s wrong in your life is someone else’s fault and the government exists to drag everybody else down to your level.

Abortion ‘Champion of the Century’: It’s Hillary

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No, it’s not a satire. I only wish it were.

Anyway, for those of you who might be having second thoughts about having voted for Donald Trump, the Democrat alternative, Hillary Clinton, is to be honored next month by Planned Parenthood as the abortion industry’s “Champion of the Century” ( http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/04/11/hillary-clinton-receive-planned-parenthoods-champion-century-award/ )–as Planned Parenthood celebrates 100 years of snuffing babies.

Crikey, who would even want to be the abortion “Champion of the Century”? What kind of person wants that after her name?

Presidential wannabe Clinton’s platform included public funding for abortion on demand. That means everybody pays for it.

I’m still glad I supported Trump.

Amidst the flapdoodle constituting Planned Parenthood’s announcement, we find the usual left-wing definition of abortion as one of the ways that women and girls “follow their dreams.” Democrats are always saying this. Killing your baby is how you follow your dreams. Remember when Obama described a hypothetical grandchild as a “mistake”? A mistake to be erased by an abortion. Follow that dream.

It’s a dreary and tiresome business, reporting news like this. But we do need to know what we’re up against.

When Moses found Israel worshiping the golden calf, he cried out, “Who is on the Lord’s side? Let him come to me!” (Exodus 32:26)

We cannot hide from those words.

Hillary as a Man? Naaah…

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Well, chalk up the sex-change operation as a non-starter, should Hillary Clinton run for president again.

In an experiment by two NYU professors intended to show that Hillary lost ground in the presidential debates due to “gender bias,” the debates were re-enacted, recently, with Donald Trump as a woman and Clinton as a man ( http://www.campusreform.org/?ID=8889 ).

To the professors’ astonished dismay, the audience found Clinton even more revolting as a man, while Trump as a woman came off as more appealing.  One woman in the audience said she found Hillary Clinton as a man… “punchable.”

Maybe they ought to try her as a hamster. Would that work?

Liberals–when they don’t make you curse or cry, they make you laugh.

Oh, Forsooth! ‘Pantsuit Nation’

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This was going to be a Joe Collidge article, but it’s really too silly and degrading even for him.

We are asked to believe that out there, on Facebook, is a “Pantsuit Nation” consisting of some 2.5 million “strong women” who proudly voted for Hillary “Careless” Clinton as president. Hey, you can even get a Pantsuit Nation T-shirt. I tried to include a picture but the computer rebelled.

Yes, they are proud. One–and I have no idea whether any of these people are really real–likens herself to Rosie the Riveter, the World War II icon of the woman working in a factory to defeat Hitler. Yeah, that’s Hillary. Another boasts, “I’ve cut my ties with my family.” Well, who needs family when you’ve got a politician?

You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…

Knew you not Hillary? Captain of her satyr husband’s Bimbo Eruption Team, smearing and destroying the women Bill assaulted sexually. Lawyer who laughed about getting a man off the hook after he’d raped a child: laughed because she knew he was guilty, and was proud of herself for defeating justice. Liar, hustler, crook, and drunkard!

For this you parted from your family?

Yeah, well, fine, we all know the story now, the Legend of Hillary–how it was her right, and hers alone, to be president, and how Putin and his gremlins rigged the election so Donald Trump could seize the White House: uh-huh. And the South woulda-shoulda-coulda won the Civil War, only their arms got all worn out from beating Yankees. And if Willie McCovey’s line drive had been just six inches higher off the ground!

These unhinged liberals just can’t believe the American people have rejected them.

I wonder how crazy they’re going to get before they constitute a threat to life and limb.

The Great Democrat Fizzle

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Well, now it’s official: with more than 300 electoral votes cast for him as of yesterday, Donald Trump will become the next president of the United States ( http://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-electoralcollege-idUSKBN1480FQ?il=0 ).

The harassment, the bribery offers, the public relations tsunami, and the death threats all went for nothing: how much did George Soros spend on that? Only half a dozen electors–four Democrats in Washington who refused to vote for Clinton, and two Republicans in Texas who wouldn’t vote for Trump–broke their pledges. There were a few others who tried to, but were kicked out and replaced.

So the campaign to flip the Electoral College fizzles out, just like the Great Recount fizzled out, and just like the Democrat Party itself is fizzling out. Now all they’ve got left are idle demands to abolish the Electoral College and let California and New York dictate to the other 48 states, vain yawping about the Russians rigging the election–brought to you by the same people who actually did rig the Democrat primary against joke candidate Bernie Sanders–and a ludicrous shaggy-dog story about how it was all Hillary’s fault–brought to you by the same people who cheated very hard to make sure Hillary was their candidate.

Plus they show every sign of meaning to continue their tantrum every day for at least the next four years.

They refuse to believe America rejected their agenda of open borders, transgender bathrooms, Obamacare, globalism, Global Warming, and all the rest of it.

But we have rejected it; and now we must make sure it never comes back. The Democrat Party must be put out of business permanently. The fact that they were altogether willing to resort to sedition, this time out, to keep themselves in power, suggests that they might do even worse, next time.

Let’s not give them the opportunity to start a civil war.

The ‘We Was Hacked!’ Defense

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Every bit as good as the “Everybody Does It” Defense, albeit not quite so universally applicable, is the “We Was Hacked!” Defense.

This was pioneered in 2009 when hackers got into the computers at the Climate Change Unit at East Anglia University, UK, and released thousands of confidential emails that proved, beyond even an unreasonable doubt, that the whole Global Warming jihad rested on lies, suppression of data, intimidation of critics, political payoffs, and other misdeeds: the scandal known as “Climategate.” If you don’t know much about it, that’s because the “mainstream” nooze media did their utmost to bury the story.

Here’s the argument: You are not allowed to consider all this chicanery because the information was obtained by hackers. Never mind that if it weren’t for the hackers, we never would have known about it. You have to ignore it, and still believe in Man-Made Climate Change, because… hackers provided all that information and hacking isn’t nice!

The success of this gambit inspired Democrats to resort to it again, after Donald Trump’s election as president. “Russian hackers made us lose! No fair!”

Thanks to hackers, thanks to Wikileaks, we learned some unsavory things about Hillary Clinton and her mob. To wit:

The DNC rigged the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. But you’re not allowed to know that.

Big-time “journalists” actively colluded with the Clinton campaign, and some of them were paid for it. But you’re not allowed to know that.

Off camera, candidate Hillary was anything but “presidential”–cursing people out, flying into rages, throwing things at staffers, and drinking herself silly now and then. But you’re not allowed to know that.

And of course there was much, much more, none of it flattering to Team Hillary. But we weren’t supposed to know about it. And we wouldn’t have, if not for hackers.

Consider this bizarre argument. Because the information was put out by hackers, we are expected to disregard the lying, the cheating, the bribery, and the candidate’s profound dishonesty, plus her revolting personality–and goldarn it, that whole election oughta be overturned because the Russians and Wikileaks hacked the Democrats’ emails! All that stuff was supposed to be a secret! No fair, no fair!

Absent from the discussion is any serious attempt to claim the information wasn’t true. Well, that wouldn’t get them very far, would it?

All right, it’s too bad we have to rely on hackers to get the truth about our politicians and our–ahem!–scientists.

But coming from the crowd who praised the stolen “Pentagon Papers” as the greatest act of public spirit since Paul Revere climbed onto his horse, it rings a bit hollow.


The Liberals’ Book of Lamentations

Liberals don’t believe in God, but that doesn’t stop them from believing. Left-wing politics is their religion, and it mimics Christianity. It has a Supreme Being: the government. It has priests: the teacher unions. It has sacraments: abortion, same-sex “marriage,” and Sunday nooze shows.

And it has a kind of pseudo-Bible, too, with Darwin in the place of Moses, and major prophets like Marx, John Dewey, Kinsey, Margaret Sanger, etc.

What we are seeing unfold before our eyes is the creation of a liberal Book of Lamentations.

They still can’t believe they lost the election. Open borders, transgender bathrooms, Common Core, globalism, an Attorney General empowered to investigate “Climate Change Denial”–it simply isn’t possible that the American people could have rejected all those blessings!

So now they’ve identified the cause of this calamity. The Russians hacked our voting machines and swung the election to Donald Trump! It never could’ve happened otherwise! And they put out all that fake news about poor Hillary!

Just you watch: this will all go down in liberal history as sacred narrative, rock-solid truth–and this from people who are always babbling about “your truth” and “my truth,” only somehow their truth is always supposed to win. It will all be written down, and passed on to posterity. Their children and grandchildren, the ones that haven’t been aborted, will inherit it. And anyone who questions it had better duck.

It’ll be fun to see what they wind up writing about Anthony Weiner. That ought to be a hoot.

The New York Times’ Favorite Oathbreaker

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Well, we must congratulate the New York Times: they’ve finally dug up a presidential elector who says he will break his pledge to vote for Donald Trump.(  http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/05/opinion/why-i-will-not-cast-my-electoral-vote-for-donald-trump.html ) He does not say that he will vote for Hillary Clinton instead, but who else would it be?

I think I can detect a smell of bribery.

The reasons given by this guy, Chris Whatsisname, are pure rubbish. He says Trump is too divisive. Clinton isn’t? He says Trump lacks foreign policy experience. I guess he’s satisfied with the hash Hillary made of it while she was secretary of state. He thinks Trump doesn’t have the “demeanor” to be president. And Hillary does? Is this man quite all there? He thinks Trump might take money from foreign governments. Can you say “Clinton Foundation”? Finally, he thinks Trump can’t be president because he dashed off an angry tweet about Saturday Night Live. Apparently you have to like Saturday Night Live or you can’t be president.

This clown has had all this time to think of some excuse for breaking his pledge, and this is the best he can do? You gotta be nice to Saturday Night Live or you can’t be president? Texas is a big state with a lot of people in it–and they had to settle for this guy as one of their electors?

If we want to have any hope for our country at all, never, never, never let Democrats take power ever again.

Dems’ Plan to Sabotage Trump’s Presidency

They admit there’s absolutely “no evidence” supporting their out-of-the-blue claim that Russian hackers “stole the election”–but that hasn’t stopped Democrats from trying to overturn the results of our presidential election. ( http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/26/us/politics/clinton-camp-will-join-push-for-wisconsin-ballot-recount.html )

So there’s going to be a recount in Wisconsin, and they want to have recounts in Pennsylvania and Michigan, too. Green Party “candidate” Jill Stein started this, and has since raised over $6 million–more than she had for her entire campaign–mostly from Democrat donors.

They admit there’s no evidence of “Russian hacking” but they want to “investigate” it anyway… to “make sure all the votes are counted.”

How about votes by illegal aliens, dead people, people voting more than once, and fictitious persons? How’s about we tally up all those, then throw them out?

Since there is no chance whatsoever that any third-party dingbat will benefit from a recount, and virtually no chance that the election results will be overturned and guess what, Hillary’s president after all, open borders here we come, etc. etc.–so why should we do this? Why do Democrats want it so badly?

Well, the very least they hope to get out of it is to taint Trump’s presidency and disable it, politically, before he’s even sworn in. Then they’ll use that to rally their thugs and idiots for the next election. So their payoff is going to be not now, but four years from now.

In the meantime, they can always throw death threats at the electors in the Electoral College. And have riots. And hand out Play-Doh at the universities.

Take a good look at all this stuff, America–and remember it. The Democrats are showing us who they really are.

Never, never, never let them ever take power again. The Democrat Party must be put out of business. Permanently.

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