I’m Sick! (But You Get a Video Treat Anyhow)

My allergies are just murdering me this evening–all afternoon, too–and I think I might as well go to bed. Not many people visiting this blog today, anyhow.

But for those of you who are here–well, how about some cats vs. stuffed animals? The cats seem to know what the stuffed toy represents, but the concept of an artificial facsimile to a living thing sort of escapes them.

Off to bed with me…

6 comments on “I’m Sick! (But You Get a Video Treat Anyhow)

  1. Lee, I am sorry to hear you are sick. Well, I am sick today too, allergies giving me fits, too. So weak, I can hardly sit up. I will pray for both of us.
    May tomorrow be much better.

  2. I always enjoy your posts Lee.

    As a long time allergy sufferer I can sympathize. My personal formula is Zyrtec, Fluticasone nose drops and Mucinex DM when things get bad. Get well soon.

  3. Lee, I can commiserate! I’ve been trying to clean all day and I have to quit. I can’t keep up with the itchy eyes, runny nose, and scratchy throat! I’ve gone through about a half box of tissues. I’ll pray for you and, please, pray for me.

  4. A glass of orange juice, two aspirins, vitamin C and plenty of bed rest. Your immune system needs to be revitalized. And don’t use the words “murdering” me. Our prayers will keep you safe and alive. Thanks for the video treat.

  5. Herbal care: Goldenrod for allergies (no, it’s not goldenrod that causes them – but instead ragweed is the culprit) A friend used this – tiny doses of tincture – until symptoms resolved. He doesn’t need it much at all anymore.

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