Still Sick, But You Get a Hymn Anyway

I forgot my allergies when I listened to this hymn–How Great Thou Art, sung beautifully by Chris Rice. My grandma, my mother, and my Aunt Millie (the Lutherans in the family) loved this hymn and used to sing it around the home: and to hear it today brought them back, as if they stood behind me in this room and put their arms around me. Thank you, my Father in Heaven!

Meanwhile, I’m a little better off today, thanks to the flutey-whatsit nasal spray recommended by “Unknowable” : thanks, kimosabe, that stuff really works.

I should be pretty much better by bedtime tonight.

2 comments on “Still Sick, But You Get a Hymn Anyway

  1. You’re quite welcome, Lee. I credit flutey-whatsit nasal spray for much of my success in life. One can only be at their best when their sinuses are happy. 🙂

    1. We used the same thing on our cat (prescribed by vet) to combat her chronic cough. I was tempted last night to use the cat medicine on myself, but I went out and bought the nasal spray instead.

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